The Worst Super Bowl Props To Bet On

With the sheer variety of Super Bowl props to bet on, you’ll surely come across some props that will make you think, “who will ever bet on this prop?”. Well, these props are there for a reason, as they attract a certain group of bettors who are able to derive plenty of entertainment from these props. In this article, we’ll take a look at the worst Super Bowl props to bet on.

Coin Toss

From a practical standpoint, this prop bet makes little to zero sense. Essentially, this event is 50/50, but the sportsbook will take a vig, or juice, on this prop that makes this prop bet of zero value. If you were to wager on this prop bet over the long-run, you’ll be pretty much guaranteed to lose money. While betting on whether the coin toss will be heads or tails is pretty much one of the first prop bets that will be settled before the game even begins, this is surely a sucker’s bet and we wouldn’t think for a moment to put any money on this.

Over/Under Length Of National Anthem

While this prop bet sounds ridiculous as well, it’s not as bad as the coin toss, simply because there are certain factors that you can actually analyze to get a feel for whether the national anthem length will go over or under the specified length. For example, you may take the average of the singer’s past national anthem lengths, and perhaps add a buffer of a few seconds since he or she will be likely to want to drag on their national anthem performance, as this is the Super Bowl after all. However, we still think that this prop bet doesn’t make much sense to analyze and bet on – it’s more of a waste of time to us.

Gatorade Color

This prop bet involves betting on the color of the Gatorade that will be poured on the winning coach, which has been a tradition in the Super Bowl. The colors to choose from include lime/green/yellow, water/clear, orange, red, blue, and purple. Similar to the over/under length of national anthem, technically you’re able to analyze this and come to an estimated guess for what color the Gatorade will be. For example, if you believe that the Patriots will win, and in three of their past five wins, they’ve poured blue Gatorade, this makes for an educated guess. However, this is also completely random, depends on what color(s) Gatorade actually provides for the Super Bowl. You’ll be leaving a lot to chance.

Who Will MVP Thank First?

To me, this prop bet is just as ridiculous as the coin toss. Essentially, you’re making a bet on who the MVP of the Super Bowl will thank first in his postgame speech. Some of the options include thanking the team, God, his coach, the owner of the team, his family, his wife or partner, the city, or does not think anyone. Again, based on the character of the person who you think will win the MVP, he may be inclined to thank one person over another. However, in the heat of the moment, anything can happen and certainly anything can come out of his mouth. Clearly, this doesn’t seem like a good bet.

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