What To Look For When Betting Super Bowl Props

One of the most unique things about the Super Bowl in the context of sports betting is the sheer volume of prop bets that can be wagered on. If we had to list all of the possible prop bets available, you’d probably skip this article and move onto something else. Because of this, we’ll highlight the main sections of Super Bowl props that’s available, some of which include main props, score props, team props, first half props, second half props, first quarter props, second quarter props, third quarter props, fourth quarter props, and game props. In this article, we’ll take a look at what to loo for when betting Super Bowl props.

Focus On Your Strengths

When betting on Super Bowl props, you should always focus on your strengths – what you’re most familiar with and have a good track record betting. For example, if you’re more focused on the macro (team) aspect of the game, you’ll likely want to analyze and bet on props that revolve around team performance. Some examples of these types of props may include the alternative point spread, total pass completions, race to 20 points, etc. On the other hand, if you’re more focused on the micro (individual player) aspect of the game, you’ll likely want to analyze how each individual player who will participate in the Super Bowl will perform. Some examples of these types of props include player total receiving yards, player longest pass completion, player to record an interception, etc.

Find Value In Props

Sometimes, the most value can be found in the most hidden prop bets. What we mean by this is that with some types of props, very few people tend to bet on them and as a result, the informational advantage that sportsbooks and individuals hold may not be nearly as much as the more popular prop bets. With the volume of prop bets available, you’ll be sure to find a few “needle in the haystack” bets if you look hard enough. This is due to the fact that since there are so many prop betting options available, some of them (even if they’re few in number) will surely be mispriced, allowing you to exploit them. If you understand the sport of football and look hard enough, you’ll pleasantly surprise yourself.

Trends Of Recent Performance

Sometimes, analyzing the trends of recent performance at the team and individual player level may allow you to uncover some things that you would not have come across. Since the Super Bowl will provide you with plenty of team and player prop betting options, it may work to your advantage to analyze recent performance and see how they stack up with the lines offered for prop bets. In football, recent performance may be a better indicator of actual performance when compared to performance that’s spread out during the course of the entire season.

Hedging Opportunities

For some Super Bowl prop bets, it’s easier to set up a potential hedging opportunity with a pre-game bet followed up an in-play bet. While this option will require you to either be patient or act fast during the game to lock in your in-play bet, there’s potential to make a proper hedge so that you’ll end up profiting no matter the outcome – the true definition of a win-win scenario.

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