Four Key Ways To Find Value Betting On Hockey

With so many games on the schedule every night, it’s easy to get caught up in betting on the NHL. The fast-moving pace and the sheer number of goals in most games make betting on hockey a lot of fun. There are steps that you can take to improve your ability to make money betting on the sport. Here is a look at four key ways to find value betting on hockey.

Bet On Visitors With Good Road Records

As is the case with most professional sports, teams tend to perform better at home than they do on the road in hockey. However, there are always exceptions to that rule. Some hockey teams perform better on the road than at home. This creates the perfect situation for betting value. Those teams that perform better on the road than at home might sometimes be considered underdogs simply because they are the visiting team. This is the perfect example of a time when you can get great value by betting on a visiting team to win.

Pick Your Spots

With so many games on the NHL schedule, it’s important to pick your spots when it comes to betting on the individual games. The toll that the regular season takes on teams will show up from time to time. Even the best teams in the league will go through losing streaks while some of the worst teams will heat up with unexpected win streaks. It’s important to take your time and pick your spots so that you capitalize on these situations. A heavy favorite that is due for an extended losing streak could offer great value to bet against. Meanwhile, there can also be excellent value betting on underdogs when they are on a hot streak. Make sure you pick your spots and figure out when the best opportunities will be to bet on these teams.

Ride Hot Streaks

Confidence and momentum are considered major advantages in hockey. If a team is on a hot streak, they are likely playing with confidence and a loose mentality, which often translates to success. There is nothing worse than a team stuck in a losing streak because they tend to overthink things too much and make simple mistakes they shouldn’t make. Look out for hot streaks and if you feel they have the potential to grow then ride them out to capitalize on them. There is often great value to betting extended win streaks that can reach as high as double-digit numbers.

Monitor Goalie Matchups

One of the most overlooked aspects of finding value is to monitor goalie matchups, especially in situations when teams are playing on back-to-back nights. While some teams are good enough to win most games with their backup goalies, the majority of teams are significantly better off with their starting goalies than they are with their backups. If you get a situation where a rested underdog team has its No. 1 goalie between the pipes against a tired team that is the favorite with a backup goalie in net, it could be the perfect betting situation for finding value. If you do your job and find the value that’s out there by following these rules, you could significantly improve your betting profits wagering on NHL hockey.

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