3 Common Mistakes That Rookie Soccer Bettors Make

The intelligent soccer sports betting fan will make sure they put as much effort in to avoiding making mistakes as they do finding the right plays. While you are always looking out for a profit, sometimes the best way to ensure you are in line to make money is to avoid losing money. Here is a look at three most common mistakes that rookie soccer bettors make.

Treating Derby Games Different Than Others

Derby games tend to draw the most attention as sports betting fans focus on the historical trends of the specific matchup rather than what is actually happening within the given season. That is usually a big mistake since the narrative for the specific rivalry between the clubs usually isn’t as significant as how the teams are actually performing in the middle of a season. Home field advantage is important and there is definitely a sense of enhanced focus on the derby games but it simply doesn’t make sense to avoid the trap of buying too much in to the potential for a game to be decided based on the historical perspective of it. Study the weaknesses of both sides and evaluate the derby games based on the matchups rather than the overall outlook.

Individual Stars Should Not Outweigh Team Strengths

The biggest stars in the game will command a ton of attention and there is always a certain buzz surrounding their status from game to game. However, even the best players in the world can’t win games without a little help so it’s important to make sure you always evaluate team strengths over individual stars. No single player will decide the outcome of a game so make sure you focus on the depth of a team, the sum of its parts and its overall strategy from game to game when evaluating which side will come out on top in a particular matchup.

Buying In Too Hard On Insignificant Factors

How often have you seen an expert panel in any sport commit a chunk of time to discussing something that might not have any real impact on the actual game? This is definitely true for soccer where the illusion of a given factor could have a bigger impact on a sports betting fan’s decision than it should. For example, a rumor that a key player on one team has been dealing with a sickness but he will be in the lineup for the actual game. First of all, we have already discussed how individual stars should not outweigh the sum of a team’s parts. Second of all, if the player is on the field then he is clearly fit enough to play. This is an example of buying in too hard on an insignificant factor rather than taking the entire picture in to account. You never want to buy in to the stock of an insignificant factor so make sure you avoid this rookie mistake when it comes to betting on soccer.

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