Sports Betting: Soccer Handicap Betting & The Markets Available

Soccer is like any other sport in the sense that there is always a comparison between two teams with one team having a perceived edge on the opposing team in any given matchup. While the perception of that edge can vary based on the matchup those measurements are usually displayed in terms of the sports betting odds for each game. Here is a look at soccer handicap betting and the markets available.

Handicap Betting: Soccer Odds

In order to counter the perceived bias between two teams the sportsbooks provide more balanced and appealing odds, which is what is known as handicap betting. The handicap odds are meant to even the soccer odds of each outcome to a certain degree in the same manner in which the sportsbooks use a point spread in football or basketball. The handicap is applied to the actual outcome of the game in order to grade the bet result. There are three types of soccer betting handicaps. Level handicapping is where there is no perceived difference in abilities between Team A and Team B so there is no handicap bias to start with as both teams in a matchup begin with 0 goals. To win the bet, the bettor must simply pick one team to win the game with all ties considered a push. Single handicapping occurs when there is a perceived difference in abilities between Team A and Team B, so both teams are assigned numbers ranging from -0.5 goal, -1 goal and -1.5 goals. The favorite would be -0.5 or higher while the underdog will be +0.5 or higher. In the event of a tie, the underdog would win since they are getting at least 0.5 goal in a Single handicap match. The Split handicap occurs when the difference between two teams is small, which allows you to split your handicap in to two bets. For example, you can take Team A at 0 and -0.5. Therefore, if they win by one goal then you will cover them at 0 and -0.5 to win both wagers. However, if they only tie then you will win at 0 but not at 0-.5, which means breaking even for the most part. Finally, if they lose then you lose both of those wagers.

Markets Available

The majority of sportsbooks offer plenty of different markets in which you can apply the various handicaps on soccer games whether it’s Premier League, La Liga, Serie A or even the Champions League games. The key to gaining an edge is to understand the potential outcomes of a given matchup and figure out what the best possible handicap is for that given game. Handicap betting can really help provide an edge when it comes to betting on soccer but the key is to understand how to do it right. It isn’t easy to win handicap soccer bets if you have never bet them before but if you take the time to understand how they work and how to find the best possible value it can really help you to gain an edge over time until the point when you are able to effectively use handicap betting on various sports markets across the board.

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