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4 Common Regrets of Retired Bettors

When someone has spent 20-plus years in a single profession, that individual is bound to have many fond memories along with serious regrets. When applied to the sports betting profession, only the best bettors – veterans of the industry – are interviewed about their successes and failures. While success for long-time sports bettors tend to revolve around the idea of making large profits, failures and regrets are usually vaguer. However, in this article, we’ll look at the four specific common regrets of retired sharp bettors.

The One That Got Away

For veteran sports bettors and even casual bettors, there’ll usually be one or two games or events that’ll stick out like a sore thumb. That’s because it’s the game or event that got away from the bettor, causing serious regret and anguish. While “the one that got away” typically does not involve a bet that was lost, it’s more so on the flipside – it’s a bet that you’ve won but rather than winning a lot of money, you had to settle for a relatively small profit. This is usually a game or event where you’re decently confident with your bet selection but are slightly doubting yourself as to whether you should really place that big of an amount on the bet or just keep it relatively modest. You decide to go the modest route and during the course of the game or event, certain occurrences make you wish you had wagered a larger amount. Instead of betting $1,000, you should have bet $10,000. These ones might actually hurt more than a bet that was lost.

Limiting Your Sportsbook Options With Sure Bets

Whether it’s in like, business, or sports, there’s never such thing as a sure thing. No one can ever be 100% certain about an outcome but a prudent strategy will lead to increased confidence and higher probability of winning. To this point, you should always use multiple sportsbooks in order to shop around and obtain the best lines possible. You do this very intuitively, as when you’re buying a laptop, you’ll shop around, or even when you’re buying a garden hose, you may be prone to shopping around – the same should apply to sports betting. Over the long run, always shopping for the best lines will ensure that when you do win a wager, your profits will be on the higher end of the spectrum. Over a lifetime of betting on sports, this will no doubt add up.

Trying To Be Too Creative

The famous saying, “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, is quite obvious when trying to bring this point home. While it’s important to ensure that your sports betting system is as precise and workable as possible, sometimes, you may get too carried away and try to change up the system to make it more and more creative, all the while failing to realize that simplicity is often the best solution. Often times, this can also result in heightened superstition. Believe in your system and only implement changes or tweaks that actually make sense. Otherwise, keep it simple, stupid.

Getting To Your Head

To be successful in sports betting over the long-run, one must always be level-headed. This applies both ways – whether you’ve won a string of games and are feeling on top of the world or you’ve lost a bunch of games and are feeling like you’re completely useless to society. No matter what the outcome of games, you must ensure that your emotions are kept in check and that you’re not subjecting your emotions and mental stability to wild rollercoaster rides. Always remember that a game won or lost is already in the past. If you let it affect you moving forward, you’re not doing yourself any justice.

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