Sports Betting Strategy

4 Major Keys To Winning At Sports Betting

It isn’t easy to consistently make substantial profits by betting on sports. Even the best in the world rely on so many different strategies that it can be hard to follow their lead. There are some tips that you could follow in order to gain an edge when it comes to betting on sports so make sure you consider the following points. Here is a look at four keys to winning at sports betting.

Do Your Homework

You wouldn’t invest in stocks or bank bonds without doing the necessary homework first so it really wouldn’t make sense to invest large amounts of money betting on sports without doing your homework first. Gaining an edge over the sportsbooks requires time, patience and a certain type of work ethic in order to understand what the best picks are and where the best value lies. The best handicappers in the world narrow their focus to specific markets where they feel they can outsmart the sportsbooks and do their homework in order to gain an edge.

Follow The Respected Handicappers

The fact that you can only commit so much time to researching for sports betting purposes should influence you to look to respected handicappers in order to gain an edge. There are many respected handicappers online that are selling their picks and sports betting information at a decent value so it makes sense to consult with them in order to make sure you are doing whatever it takes to gain an edge. If there is a successful handicapper telling people to bet big on a given event then it could be worth consideration.

Find The Bonuses

The rise of online sports betting has created a very competitive market so sportsbooks will attempt to entice handicappers to become members by offering bonuses. A number of sites will offer to match an initial deposit up to $200 while some sites will give their members free play bonuses as well. It makes a lot of sense to take advantage of those bonuses in order to build up your bankroll so make sure you shop around and find out which sportsbook offer gives you the most value.

Consider Betting Exchanges

Exchange betting has become a lot more popular as you can effectively become the bookie by posting what line you want to take and finding a match against somebody that is willing to take the other side. The betting exchanges could offer better prices than what the sportsbooks have listed as well. Even taking in to account the commission that the house takes on betting exchanges it still makes sense in a lot of cases to play with them rather than with the actual sportsbook.


It’s important to remember that there isn’t one single strategy that is going to make the difference when it comes to making a profit by betting on sports. Instead, it’s about taking all of the different strategies and putting them together in order to gain an edge. The best handicappers in the world take these strategies and put them in to their arsenal so make sure you consider doing the same in order to maximize your profit potential when betting on sports.

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