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4 Simple Football Betting Systems

When you’re sports betting in Canada, the United States or any other part of North America, football and the National Football League in particular represent the most popular sports betting forum. While the NFL reigns supreme, college football and even the Canadian Football League have received a lot more attention in recent years to the point where they can no longer be overlooked. With the trend towards more action on football across North America, we took the time to break down some easy steps to improve your chances of winning. Here is a look at four simple football betting systems to help improve your bottom line.

Find The Best Lines

One of the most overlooked approaches to successful sports betting on football is taking the time to shop around for the best lines. The majority of casual sports bettors use one sportsbook for all of their wagers when they are bettor off shopping around and finding the best value. For example, if you like the New England Patriots to beat the Buffalo Bills in a close game then you will want to consider finding the best line. If Sportsbook A has the Patriots at -3.5 while Sportsbook B has them at -2.5, then you will definitely want to go with Sportsbook B since the number is in your favor. It might seem simple but so many times the casual fan will take the Patriots -3.5 with Sportsbook A and then lose the wager when New England wins by a field goal since they were too ignorant to shop around and find the best line.

Part of shopping the lines is also keeping track of who opens the lines. The Greek is often first to open many of the NFL betting lines, which means you get access to bet before anywhere else. That’s important for value.

Understand Motivations

An underrated aspect of football games is the motivation each team is playing with. For example, the divisional matchups tend to be fiercer than the non-conference matchups since teams are looking to pick up wins over the same teams they are fighting with for division supremacy. Meanwhile, there are other sources of motivation as well including fighting for playoff position or a revenge game. Teams that get blown out tend to bounce back with better performances the following week while teams that win a game off a little bit of luck tend to regress a bit following the close win the following week. It’s important to understand motivation and factor that in to your sports betting decisions.

Take Advantage Of Bye Weeks

One of the bigger mistakes that casual football betting fans make is that they don’t pay close enough attention to the bye weeks. While the poor teams don’t necessarily perform that much better following a bye week, the best teams tend to come out with strong performances following an extra week of rest and preparation for their opponent. A good system usually takes in to account the advantage of the bye weeks and you should definitely keep them in mind as well

Beware Of The Trap Games

One more term to remember is the trap games, which allude to teams that struggle because they are caught looking ahead to a more important matchup the following week. When a team is a strong favorite in a particular week before a tougher matchup, they tend to suffer a letdown that could hurt their stock from a betting perspective if they are listed as substantial favorites. It’s tough to know for sure how likely a significant favorite is to cover the spread but by being aware of potential trap games we can improve our overall chances of winning when it comes to football betting systems.

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