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4 Things To Know About Halftime Bets

A type of bet that has increased in popularity is halftime bets. Essentially, halftime bets consist of bets that are placed on the second half of the game, with a prediction as to how the second half of a game will turn out. With halftime bets, the second half of a game is basically 0-0 – everything that happened during the game before the second half no longer matters. In this article, we’ll discuss four things to know about halftime bets.


Middling is a strategy that is employed to hedge the outcome of a game so that you’ll profit regardless of the final outcome of the game. In certain situations, you’ll actually end up profiting from both sides of the wager. Here’s how it works:

If you’ve already placed a bet for the Golden State Warriors to win against the Los Angeles Lakers at GSW -15.0 and at halftime, the Warriors are up 70-40. Let’s suppose that the halftime spread for the Lakers is LAL +18.0. If you place a bet on the Lakers, you’re risking losing the juice if only one side ends up winning but if the Warriors end up winning by 16 or 17 points, you’ll win both sides of the hedge.

Another situation involves a straight hedge where you’ll profit regardless of the outcome. The New England Patriots are playing against the Denver Broncos and you’ve taken the Patriots to win at 1.80. Let’s assume that the Patriots are up 14-0 at halftime and the halftime line for the Broncos to win the game is 5.00. If you place a bet on the Broncos, you’ll ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of the game.


With halftime bets, oddsmakers have a very limited timeframe to create a line. In some situations, you’ll find that lines from different sportsbooks vary widely, which presents an arbitrage opportunity. Other times, the over for the game total will be set higher at halftime if the game is tied or the favorite is trailing at halftime. However, at times, the second half game totals aren’t reflective of what they actually should be, but rather, the sportsbooks worry about getting middle and losing on both sides.

Outright Winner

One of the most profitable situations, if exploited well, is to place a bet on a team that is trailing at halftime to win the game outright. More often than not, these teams involve favorites ate the start of the game who find themselves trailing at halftime but are more than capable of staging a comeback to win the game outright. Instead of paying a lot of juice to bet on the favorite at the start of the game, the payout for the favorite who is trailing at halftime might actually jump to more than 2.00, essentially providing you with underdog odds. If a team has a reputation of coming on late and “stealing” games, you should look for these types of situations.

Teams Who Start Strong And Fade

On the flipside, it is also important to identify teams who are known to get off to strong starts, only to fade during the latter stages of games. You can take advantage of these teams by placing a bet on them to win the first half, then flipping the script and taking the opposing team to win the second half. If all works out, you’ll win both of your bets – the first half wager and the second half wager.

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