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4 Things To Know About Sweetheart Teasers

Sweetheart teasers are special types of bets offered by sportsbooks, with the goal of convincing players to bet on them by hyping up the possibility of easy profits. While sweetheart teasers do win from time to time, over the long-run, it’d be quite tough to profit on them to overcome the house edge. Before explaining a sweetheart teaser, let’s look at what regular teasers are. A regular teaser is essentially a parlay bet in which all bets must win for the teaser to win. A teaser bet allows an individual to add points to the spread. For example, if an individual is favouring two teams to win at -8.0, he has the option of teasing the bet so that the spread of both teams becomes -2.0. Pushes are handled differently, depending on the sportsbook. Some sportsbooks will remove the push from the teaser while other sportsbooks will count the push as a loss. Make sure to clarify this with the sportsbook beforehand.

Betting A Sweetheart Teaser

One major difference between regular teasers and sweetheart teasers is that sweetheart teasers generally do not offer two-team teasers. Because of this, the additional bet on the teaser adds significantly more risk to the teaser losing. For sweetheart teasers, here’s an example of three sportsbooks offering different prices and rules:

Sportsbook #1: 8-point three team teasers at -110 (a tie counts as a loss)
Sportsbook #2: 8-point three team teasers at -120 (a tie counts as a push)
Sportsbook #3: 8-point three team teasers at -120 (a tie counts as a loss)

Right off the bat, we should avoid sportsbook #3 since it’s offering the same rule as sportsbook #1 but requires more juice. While many people may not be willing to take the higher juice to have a tie count as a push (sportsbook #2), I’m more of an advocate for pushing on ties for a lower payout as opposed to losing on ties for a slightly higher payout. The preference is yours.

Placing A Sweetheart Teaser Bet

Sportsbooks will typically have a tab, icon, or list for teasers. Sometimes, sportsbooks will have bizarre and outlandish names for their teasers, with the most common terminology as monster teasers. Select the teaser option and the corresponding sport. Sportsbooks will either list the adjusted lines based on how many points you want to adjust the spread by or list its standard lines and allow you to select how many points to move the line by.

Examples Of Sweetheart Teasers

In football games, individuals usually tease a game to 3, 7, 10, or 14 points. For example, a team at -13.0 may be teased down to -7.0. On the other hand, other individuals may prefer to tease a game up – a team at +4.0 may be teased up to +10.0. Again, this is dependent on your personal preferences – some people prefer teasing favourites down while others prefer teasing underdogs up.
Difficulty Winning With Sweetheart Teasers

When it comes to sweetheart teasers, the more teams added to the teaser bet, the higher the juice. Additionally, the more points purchased for each team on the teaser bet, the higher the juice as well. As a result, these handicaps significantly lower your chances of beating the sportsbooks, which plays right into their hands. Generally, 3-team 10-point teasers are offered at -110 odds, which means that each selection must win 80.6% of the time just for you to break even. In 4-team 13-point teasers offered at -120 odds, each selection must win 85.9% of the time just for you to break even. Clearly, these scenarios are far from ideal.

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