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4 Things To Remember When Betting On Boxing

Boxing isn’t as popular as it was in the 1970’s, 1980’s or even the early 1990’s. However, the sport still has a strong following including in the sports betting community. After all, what is more pure than betting on one fighter to beat another in a head-to-head match? We took the time to break down some of the important factors that go in to determining the outcome of a fight. Here is a look at the keys to successfully betting on boxing.

Substance Over Style

One of the major selling points for fights is personality. Fans love the colorful characters that entertain with their personas and really add to the spectacle of the boxing match. However, all of the talk leading up to the fight doesn’t mean much at all if the fighter can’t back it up with his performance. Make sure that when you are evaluating a fight you favor substance over style. It’s one thing to talk a big game. It’s another thing to back it up with results.

Physical Advantages

Another important factor to consider is the potential physical advantages that could be exploited in a fight. While the boxers have to make weight before they step in to the ring, a lot can change from when they weigh in to when they actually fight. Even though they might be in the same weight class, it’s important to distinguish the difference between their sizes at the weigh in and the sizes when they actually enter the ring. Even more important is height and reach. A boxer with a significant height or reach advantage would have a significant edge over an opponent that he could throw punches at while remaining out of their reach. Boxing does a good job when it comes to establishing parameters based on weight class but it’s impossible to completely negate all of the physical advantages that can exist in a boxing match.


While this one might seem obvious, it’s important to understand the differences that age can create. For example, if a 23-year-old fighter is battling a 27-year-old fighter, it’s safe to say that they are both in their prime and there won’t be any major physical differences. However, the older boxer likely has more experience so they could have an edge in that department. However, if a 27-year-old boxer is clashing with a 38-year-old boxer then it’s much more likely there will be a physical difference between the two sides. Age doesn’t always make a big difference in boxing but it’s important to be able to understand when it does.

Judges Decisions

The final factor that every sports bettor should take in to account is the potential for the judges to make surprising decisions. If a fight goes the distance then ultimately it’s on the judges to determine a winner. There have been countless instances when it seems as though one boxer deserves the nod over another but doesn’t get it based on a difference of opinion among the judges. While a knockout leaves no questions, it is very different when the fight goes all the way. That is why it is so important to understand that if a boxing match goes the distance then anything can happen based on the judges decision.

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