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5 New Years Resolutions For Sports Bettors

With the arrival of 2017 and now the arrival of the Chinese New Year, it’s time for a number of resolutions. When it comes to sports betting in Canada, U.S. or wherever else you’re playing, it’s about really concentrating on becoming better and maximizing your profits this year. If you want to become more successful betting on sports then consider the following rules in order to gain a significant edge. Here is a look at five New Years resolutions for all sports bettors to consider.

Understand How Sportsbooks Make Money

It’s important to understand how the sportsbooks make their money in order to understand how to beat them at their own game. In order to think outside the box you need to understand what the box is in the first place. Take the time to look up how the bookmakers make money, how they move their odds to take advantage of the casual bettor and how to beat them at their own game.

Stick With One Sports Betting Strategy

Every sports betting enthusiast should have a plan when it come to their approach to making money and if you don’t have a plan going in to it then you could be in some serious trouble. There are all different types of strategies out there so take the time to read up on which of them works best, find a strategy that works and stick with it in 2017.

Calculate Stake Per Bet

After figuring out how the sportsbooks work and how to beat them with a strategy that you can use to your advantage, take time the to figure out how much money you should stake per bet in order to ensure you make a profit. For example, how much are you going to be betting per game on the NHL odds, on NFL games and so on. There are plenty of different staking methods that have been talked about and broken down online so find the style that suits you best and use it in order to maintain a consistent approach throughout the year.

Train To Win

There is plenty of research out there that breaks down how money-making experiences are processed by the brain in the same way as chemically induced highs, while financial losses are handled in the same way as mortal dangers. The brain tends to overestimate heights when looking down and while that function serves to prevent us from falling we also have to understand that every successful sports bettor is willing to take the necessary risks in order to win money. Find articles online that explain the pitfalls of being fooled by cognitive bias and start training your brain to win.

Emulate The Professionals

The professional handicappers do this for a living, so there is a good chance you can learn a thing or two from their approach to betting on sports. From the world of finances to casino games, the concepts of staking, hedging and taking calculated risks are key essential to success and those strategies should be applied when it comes to betting on sports as well. It’s important to understand the steps that the professional handicappers take to limit their risk and maximize their potential to win big in order to follow in their footsteps and make substantial profits.

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