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5 Tips For A Better Betting Strategy

Follow these steps to improve as a sports bettor.

To succeed in most things in life, a sound strategy is required to be implemented and executed – the same applies to sports betting. If done properly, it’s very much possible to turn over profits year-after-year in the long-run. While there are many strategies available for sports bettors, it typically depends on the knowledge and comfort levels of sports bettors. A good strategy should be logical and relatively straightforward while complementing the strength(s) of the sports bettor. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five best sports betting strategies.

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Focus On One Sport And One Team

With hundreds of betting lines across multiple sports on any given day, it’s easy to get consumed and enticed into making bad bets. For relatively new sports bettors, a proven strategy has been to focus on one sport and one team within that sport. With so many different leagues and teams, it’s difficult to spend time analyzing and following multiple leagues and teams. The strategy of focusing on one sport and one team allows the sport bettor to devote his time and energy to the sport that he has the most knowledge of and feels most comfortable with while choosing one or a few teams within the sport to follow, in order to gain valuable insights on trends.

Fade The Public

This strategy is quite simple – the sports bettor merely needs to go against the public’s picks. The concept behind this strategy revolves around the fact that the lines put forth by sportsbooks reflect what they think the public will do since the primary objective of any sportsbook is to attract 50/50 action on both sides. In some cases where the public is leaning heavily towards one team, this will lead to soft lines, where the sports bettor will be able to gain an edge by going against the public’s perception. The key thing to take note of when employing this strategy is to look for matchups where public bias is driving the betting action and then wager the opposite way.

Wager Less Than 2% Of Bankroll

This strategy requires a lot of discipline but has been proven as a very sustainable strategy for someone looking to thrive in sports betting for the long term. By wagering less than 2% of your entire bankroll on each bet, you’ll risk putting all your eggs into one basket into what seems like a “sure win”. As a result, just because a sports bettor has lost one game, whether it be due to a bad beat or a completely miscalculated wager, the overall effects on his bankroll will not be as profound as if he had wagered 50% of his bankroll into the one match.

Wager Based On ATS Records

One of the key pieces of information is how teams fare against the spread (ATS) – this information is very easy to find as they’re published on a variety of different websites. By analyzing the ATS records of teams as opposed to their straight-up (SU) records, the sports bettor will be able to get a better feel for which teams tend to perform much better than average ATS and which teams, while possessing a strong SU record, may often falter ATS.

Employ Betting Systems

This final strategy is one that is likely the most difficult to implement and execute since it depends on the ability of a sports bettor to come up with a winning betting system. For example, a betting system could be to double down on your bets after a loss or fade a team that has won two games in a row. However, these betting systems must be rigorously tested to ensure that they’re in fact valid and actually work.

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