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6 Steps To Take To Win Money Betting On Football

Football (NCAAF and NFL) is arguably the most popular sport in North America in terms of viewership. Due to the large fanbase, many individuals, in addition to watching football, also bet on it. While exact figures are impossible to calculate, Americans wager more than $50 billion per year on football. For the average bettor, he should expect to lose money since the percentage of bettors who are able to turn a profit year after year are quite small due to the juice, or vig, that comes with placing each and every bet. However, it’s not entirely impossible to be a winning football bettor. If you’d like to increase your chances of doing so, here are some tips on how to be a winning football bettor.

#1 – Money Management

The most important aspect of sports betting but arguably the most neglected is money management. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose and stick to a reasonable amount per wager or a reasonable percentage of your bankroll per wager. Money management is more discipline than being smart. If you’re able to manage your money well when it comes to sports betting, chances are, you’ll be around for a while.

#2 – Shop Around For The Best Odds And Numbers

Most of the time, there’ll often be discrepancies when it comes to the odds, spreads, and game totals for events. If you diligently shop around for the best odds and numbers, this will be sure to add up over the long run. If you’re able to consistently find the best odds and numbers for each game, it’ll make turning over a profit year after year that much easier.

#3 – Consider Underdogs

Don’t fall into the trap of being the kind of sports bettor who only bets on favorites. Often, you’ll be able to find a lot of value in betting on underdogs. Sticking with this strategy will prove to be a sound one over the long run.

#4 – No Guarantees

No matter how heavily a team is favored or how much the public believes a team will win, there’s no such thing as guarantees when it comes to sports. Don’t follow the hype and place a substantial amount of money on an event that you believe will be guaranteed to win. Have this mindset, and you’ll surely pay for it sooner or later.

#5 – Avoid Chasing Bets

It’s extremely tempting to want to chase a bet after you’ve lost. However, this is one of the biggest sins you can commit in sports betting. Never chase bets since you’re probably in a mad mood and are not in the right state of mind to judge games after you’ve just lost a game. Take some time to clear your mind – a lost bet is a sunk cost; don’t let it cost you even more.

#6 – Research Football Services

Where you get your information is key. Some websites are much more reliable than others and provide very nice layouts in addition to key statistics that are actually quite indicative of how a game will likely play out. Do your research on the different services offered since there are a plethora of football services all claiming to be great. If you’re able to find a few dependable sources, this will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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