Sports Betting Strategy

Best Sports Betting Tools You Can Find Online

With the proliferation of the Internet, one can find information on almost everything today. The same applies for sports betting. If you’re new to sports betting, don’t fret. The Internet has an abundance of resources for you to use in order to gain more knowledge and insights on the leagues and games that peak your interest. By combining the use of various different sports betting tools across the Internet, you will be able to gather a wealth of information to assist in assessing which bets you should make and for which teams.

Live Odds

In sports betting, it’s extremely advantageous in the long run to keep track of spreads and payouts. On many different occasions, a half-point difference against the spread could mean the difference between winning and losing a wager. One website that provides real-time updates on live odds with an easy-to-navigate user interface is This website provides live odds for all North American professional sports leagues as well as other features including articles by contributing writers.

Parlay Calculators

For people who enjoy betting on parlays (defined as a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together), many online tools offer parlay calculators to determine how much money could be won if all parlayed bets end up winning. A few common websites offering free parlay calculators include,, and

Tracking Public vs. Sharp Money

In sports betting, public money is referred to as a square. Public money refers to money wagered by individuals without a robust knowledge of the game and market. Public money tends to include wagers made based on emotion, made on a hunch, or made to chase after a loss or losses. On the other hand, sharp money refers to wagers made by professional sports handicappers who use detailed analysis to conclude on betting decisions. When discussing sharp money, the typical focus is on large wagers made by single individuals or betting syndicates. Although the public perception is that sportsbooks are looking to balance their books by attracting 50% of the action on each side to mitigate risks, sportsbooks actually shade their opening lines to capitalize on public perception while allowing their most respected clients to move the lines. One website that offers tracking for public vs. sharp money is


When betting on games, it is always important to take a look at relevant statistics. As the saying goes, “numbers don’t lie”. However, some statistics are more relevant for specific types of bets than others and it is equally vital to obtain useful statistics. Otherwise, one’s outlook and judgment of a game may be considerably skewed by irrelevant statistics. Some websites that offer an abundance of statistics are,, and

Detailed Game Write-Ups

Although pre-game forecasts and projections may provide a bettor with a good idea of which teams to bet on, these forecasts and projections merely represents numbers derived from predictive models. Many times, it helps to receive detailed write-ups on game analyses in order to really break down why one team should win and cover the spread against another team or why a certain player should score more points than the individual over/under point totals indicate. Since most detailed game write-ups cost money, this option is not feasible for many casual bettors. However, a good source for detailed game write-ups is Within this “subreddit”, users are able to post on discussion forums regarding their predictions for games within different leagues. Over time, you will be able to spot out the users that have a lot of experience in writing up and betting on games.

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