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How Permutation Betting Works

What is permutation betting and when is it useful?

Permutation betting is similar to betting accumulators and multiples because it involves placing wagers on multiple selections. Also known as combination betting, there is a significant difference from betting accumulators in that you don’t need all of your selections to be correct in order to get a return. Accumulators and multiples are individual wagers, which contain multiple selections and they only return a payout if every selection is correct. However, permutation betting is the placing of a series of wagers which covers multiple selections in various different combinations, meaning you can still get a return even if there are some incorrect wagers. Here is a look at how permutation betting works.


The Basic Concept

The basic idea of permutation betting is that you want to maximize the chances of making a return when betting multiple selections at once. It’s a way to still benefit from the higher payouts the accumulators provide without being exposed to the risk of losing your entire stake if just one of your selections is wrong. Rather than placing one wager on all of your selections, you place a number of wagers on the different selections. By taking this approach, you only need a certain amount of your selections to be right in order to win money.

The Permutation Betting Example

Permutation betting can be done with anywhere between two and six teams but the easiest example of how this type of wager works is with two teams. For example, considering you are taking the Washington Capitals and Chicago Blackhawks to win a pair of hockey games. You place $10 on each team with Washington at 1.85 and $10 on Chicago at 1.40. You also place $10 on the double at 2.59. If Washington wins then you will return $18.50 for your $10 wager. If Chicago wins, you will return $14 for your $10 wager. If both teams win then you will take home the winning amounts for each individual wager as well as the double for a total profit of $28.40. In this situation you have reduced some of your potential winnings in order to lessen your overall risk, which is the point of permutation betting.

Full Cover Bets

There are several different types of full cover bets you can place depending on the number of selections with different names for each of them. A wager with three singles, three doubles and a treble is called a Patent, while a bet with three doubles and a treble is called a Trixie. Four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold is calling a Lucky 15, while six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold is called a Yankee. There are many terms for the different types of wagers with every number of selections from three through eight. Permutation betting takes time to get to understand but once you figure out how it works it is extremely easy and most importantly using these types of bets effectively can really help your bottom line.


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