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How The Last Minute Goal Betting System Works

There are plenty of popular sports betting strategies for soccer available online. One of the most intriguing systems is the last-minute goal betting system. This strategy has become more and more popular over the years, especially with a sportsbook that has live betting available for their games. Here is a look at how the last-minute goal betting system works.

The Strategy Explained

The basic concept of the last minute goal strategy is explained in the term used to describe it. You place your bets at an advanced time in the game like the last 10 minutes or so. The less time remaining the higher the odds are going to be. You can profit from higher odds and bet that there is still going to be a goal scored. A lot of times a team that needs a goal will press and put everything they have towards scoring a goal. This strategy is designed to capitalize on the opportunities available and give you a chance to win with late goals.

The Numbers

The strategy can offer potentially high returns. The closer to the end of the game the better the odds will be. This also offers a unique situation where you can hedge your bets to guarantee a profit. For example, with 15 minutes left you can bet that there will not be another goal. If there still isn’t a goal with eight minutes left then you can take much better odds and bet that there will be a goal. In this situation, a small wager on that there will be a goal could cover your losses on the bet that there won’t be a goal in more. Either way, you are guaranteed to make some money betting on the goal scoring or lack thereof at the end of a game.

Finding The Best Forum

This strategy is often used in soccer but it isn’t the only sport where it can be applied. Those that follow hockey could entertain the exact same last minute goal strategy when it comes to the final period of play. The odds are in favor of at least one goal being scored in the third period. If there is no scoring by the midway mark you can weigh whether or not it makes sense to bet on a goal being scored in the final 10 minutes. While hockey provides another quality forum for the last minute goal betting system, soccer is probably the best sport to use this system with.


As is the case with so many different sports betting systems, the last minute goal betting system doesn’t guarantee you will make a profit. It is on you to do the necessary research and work that goes in to picking winners and then determine where the best opportunities to apply this strategy will be. By weighing your options and picking your spots you can use the last minute goal betting system to your advantage and improve your bottom line over the long haul.

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