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How The Numbers Differ Between Pro Line & Online Sportsbooks

For the majority of sports betting fans in Canada, there is a general idea that the only way to bet on sports is through Pro Line. However, that is simply not true. The reality is that there are numerous legal online sports betting sites that are available to Canadians across the country 24/7. There are also major differences between the Pro Line numbers and those available from online sportsbooks. Here is a look at how the numbers differ between Pro Line and the online sportsbooks.

Pro-Line’s Foundations

Pro-Line was created in October of 1992 as a part of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. While it made sense that it was so popular back in the day, the fact that Pro-Line is still so popular in a time where there is online betting is a lot more surprising. Pro-Line offers players the chance to bet on money line, totals and point spreads for certain sports, which is now set to include NBA basketball after the league reached an agreement with OLGC to make sure their events are included moving forward.

Pro-Line vs. Online Competition

The Pro-Line gaming only allows parlay betting, which means that any wager made with Pro-Line must include three or more events on its tickets. While that might be fine for some players, the majority of the sports betting public would love to be able to wager on a single event rather than having to risk their money on multiple events. The other interesting aspect of the Pro-Line is that it doesn’t allow you to bet on ties in football. The Pro-Line has set numbers for what qualifies as a win and a tie and that takes some getting used to as well. It won’t take long for somebody using a sportsbook to notice how different the odds are for Pro-Line in comparison with the odds available online. The Pro-Line odds for favorites will usually be that much higher than they would be for online sportsbooks in order to account for the fact that the majority of public bettors love wagering on the favorites. The odds for the parlays are based on a system designed by the Pro-Line that can be found on the back of a betting slip, and those too are different than the odds offered by online sportsbooks.


At the end of the day, the choice is up to you in terms of which sportsbook you would like to bet with. There are disadvantages and restrictions when betting on Pro-Line that include the lines, the types of wagers you can make and the sports that you can wager on. If you are satisfied with the experience you have had playing Pro-Line then you might want to stick with it. However, it doesn’t hurt to try an online sportsbook in order to find out the different types of wagers you can make without the restrictions and limitations in place with the Pro-Line. Every sports bettor is different but everything considered, it does make a lot of sense to switch from Pro-Line to an online sportsbook right now.

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