Sports Betting Strategy

How To Be Successful At At Live Betting

With the proliferation of the Internet, sportsbooks have been focusing to establish their online presence, rather than their physical presence. This strategy makes sense since scouting for lines on the Internet can be accomplished in a much more efficient manner compared to having to go to each physical sportsbook to inquire about their lines. Additionally, online sportsbooks also make it much easier for an individual to place a bet. As a result of sportsbooks setting up their platforms online, a new form of betting has emerged – live betting. The argument could easily be made that live betting lines may actually be less accurate compared to pre-game lines due to the fact that it’s much more difficult for oddsmakers to follow every single play and derive a perfect number in a limited amount of time. If live betting is done correctly, it could prove to be quite profitable. Here are some keys to being successful at live betting.

Pre-Game Heavy Favorites

One of the best and most basic strategies is to identify the heavy favorite on the moneyline before the game begins. After the start of the game, if the heavy favorite is trailing the underdog but still has a pretty good chance to come back and win the game, it might be a smart call to take a live bet on the heavy favorite since the odds will have shifted much higher in your favor. If you were to bet on the heavy favorite before the game, you may have to lay down a lot of juice – in most cases, -250 or higher. On the other hand, if you wait to see how the game pans out, and if the heavy favorite is losing, the line may shift to an even payout if you’re lucky and wait until the right point in the game. One thing to take note of with this is that the pre-game heavy favorite should still be in a good position to win the game. Factors indicating this could be the fact that the heavy favorite has been getting a lot of opportunities but just haven’t been able to convert so far and it’s still quite early in the game or the fact that the heavy underdog has been getting extremely lucky early on in the game but this is likely not sustainable for the entire game. However, if the best player on the heavily favored team has sustained an injury or the heavy favorite looks tired and worn down, these factors may indicate that it may not be a good idea to back the heavy favorite when they’re clearly trailing and are in danger of losing the game.


Another common strategy that can be used when it comes to live betting is to hedge your pre-game bet with a live bet. By hedging two bets, you are basically guaranteeing yourself a profit, regardless of which side ends up winning. While you won’t win as much as if you had taken one side straight up, hedging considerably lowers your risk and guarantees that you’ll walk away with a profit regardless of the outcome. After all, who wouldn’t want this? Hedging with a pre-game bet and a live bet can be best illustrated with an example.

Suppose the New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox and their pre-game moneyline payouts are both -110 or 1.91. Let’s assume that you’ve placed a bet of $100 on the Yankees. Early on in the game, the Yankees are up 2-0 and the payout for the Red Sox jumps up to +200 or 3.00 to win the game. By placing a live bet of $63.64 on the Red Sox to win the game at +200 will guarantee you a profit of $27.27 regardless of the outcome of the game. While you might win more had you not hedged your bet and the Yankees had won, you’re also exposing yourself to the risk of losing the entire $100 if the Yankees end up losing.

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