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How To Bet On Boxing

There is no doubt that the golden era of boxing is now in the rearview mirror as fight enthusiasts have largely transitioned to the world of MMA and the UFC in particular. However, the fact that boxing isn’t as popular as it once was means that there is more opportunity when it comes to betting on the sport. For the most part, boxing has done a good job trying to build itself back up again with its stars in the sport but it’s the underrated boxing cards where the real opportunity is. Here is a look at how to maximize your potential for a profit when betting on boxing.

Moneyline Wagers

The moneyline wagers are fairly straightforward as the same principles apply to boxing as in other sports. The two fighters will be listed at specific odds with a favorite and an underdog and you can pick either side depending on where you think the value is. The important thing to remember is that since boxing isn’t a popular sport to bet on like the NFL, it’s a lot easier to find value picking winners. The sportsbooks might not be on top of the lines for a fight to the same degree that they would be on top of the NFL lines so if you do your research you can find some excellent value.

Prop Bets

The fact that so many fights tend to be one-sided has led to the sportsbooks also creating prop bets for the fights. The prop bets could cover anything from how many rounds the fight goes to whether the fight will end via knockout or go the distance. The specific prop bets for how a fight will end allow you to pick a winner as well as whether or not the fight will end via knockout or stoppage. For example, if you wanted to bet on Manny Pacquiao to win a fight against an inferior opponent but the odds weren’t great with him listed at -200, then you could take a prop bet for Pacquiao to win via knockout at -120 and get slightly better value if you think that will be the outcome of the fight anyways. Boxing isn’t nearly as popular to bet on is it was in the 1970’s, but if you do your research you could actually find some outstanding value with these types of prop bets.


The majority of professional handicappers will preach betting on smaller sports like boxing, MMA and even tennis in order to find values on lines that you just won’t find if you are betting on the big four sports like NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. The sportsbooks will spend that much more time adjusting the lines and putting the necessary research in to making sure those odds are right where they should be in the major sports that get thousands of betting plays than they would on a niche fight that could fly under the radar. That will leave an excellent opportunity for you to get in on the action and make a substantial profit betting on boxing.

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