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How To Bet On Rugby

Rugby is considered one of the toughest sports in the world. The focus of this article will be on rugby league, a 13-a-side game that originated due to a pay revolt in the sport of rugby union in 1985. Some rugby players in northern England were no longer able to afford the opportunity costs to continue playing, as they were required to take time off work to do so. The Rugby Football Union refused to budge on additional compensation requests and as a result, 21 northern teams broke off from the Northern Rugby Football Union. History repeated itself in Australia in 1907, when a similar disagreement occurred. The New South Wales Rugby Football League was founded and proceeded to usurp rugby union as the primary rugby league in New South Wales and Queensland. Rugby league teams score four points per try, two points per goal (either converted after a try or kicked after the awarding of a penalty), and one point per drop goal. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular countries for rugby league and the most common rugby league betting options.

Popular Countries For Rugby League

Rugby league is extremely popular in Australia, England, France, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samos, and Tonga. In terms of rugby league as the national sport, Papua New Guinea is the only country in the world with that distinction. The best rugby leagues in the world are the National Rugby League in Australia and New Zealand along with the Super League in England and France. The National Rugby League is considered the best club rugby league tournament in the world, with 16 teams (15 from Australia and one from New Zealand), competing for the National Rugby League premiership across 201 matches, with the final match being the Grand Final, played at ANZ Stadium. While the Super League does not possess the same strength as the National Rugby League, the top-quality imports from Australia and New Zealand have helped bolster the status of the Super League, often with close results of the annual World Club Challenge between the reigning National Rugby League and Super League champions.

Common Rugby League Betting Options

Since the National Rugby League abides by a strict salary cap for all 16 teams, this ensures that all 16 teams are able to remain competitive. As a result, head-to-head betting is extremely popular – just as popular as spread betting – with it being a rarity that all eight National Rugby League favorites will win their respective matches in the same round. However, within the Super League, there is much less equity, which results in a much less competitive environment and a number of heavy favorites. As a result, bettors must often turn to spread betting, with many games featuring double-digit handicaps. Furthermore, betting on the game totals in rugby league matches has become increasingly popular. This is especially true when wet weather is present during a match or State of Origin matches, which will likely result in game totals falling on the under side. For State of Origin matches, ferocious defense and low penalty counts are the norm, which reduce opportunities for teams to build momentum and kick goals. Finally, the first try scorer is also an exotic and popular bet but is much more difficult to pick.

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