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How To Bet On The Academy Awards

The majority of sportsbooks offer prop bets for the Academy Awards every single year and with those sites now listed their odds in anticipation of this year’s Oscars we can break down the numbers and accurately handicap where we think the best value is. Here is a look at your best approach towards betting on the 2017 Academy Awards.

The Differences With Sports Betting

Betting on the Oscars differs significantly from other sports markets in that the results are based on predetermined information. Voters submit their votes long before the actual awards with the nominations announced in January and the actual awards handed out in February. This allows the bettors an entire month to collect as much information as possible about the movies and nominations in order to come up with an accurate prediction for how the awards will play out.

How Winners Odds Work

There have been some interesting trends that have developed over the years when it comes to the sports betting odds for the Academy Awards. First, it’s worth pointing out that the odds on winners generally get worse as Awards time draws closer. In fact, in 2014 and in 2015, all ten markets offered saw the supportive information on eventual winners influence the market to make prices less appealing. This means that there was likely inside information passed around that influenced the sportsbooks to adjust the odds in the weeks before the Academy Awards took place. This trend supports the notion that there really are no surprises at the Oscars and if you put in the necessary time and do your research you should be able to get a pretty good handle on what to expect at each year’s awards.

Narrowing Your Selections

One of the most important elements that sports bettors should be on the lookout for is the organizations with the best rates of predicted success. For example, with 16 of the 22 correct picks, the Critics are adept at picking Best Director. The Critics Choice Awards are announced in December so based on their awards you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The film La La Land absolutely dominated at the Critics Choice Awards so that is a good indication that this movie will have a strong run at the Oscars as well. Meanwhile, the Golden Globes took place in early January with the Screen Actors Guild winners announced late on in the month. It’s important to pay close attention to these awards in order to narrow your selections and make the best possible choices for what will happen at the Academy Awards. It is also worth keeping an eye on the Oscar markets with the changes in the odds for each award helping to indicate where the markets think the award winners will be.


With plenty of time to go before this year’s Oscars now is the perfect time to put in the necessary research and to start getting a handle on what to expect. The Academy Awards markets are now open for 2017 so make sure you take a long look at the odds and track their movement leading up to the big day for a better shot at successfully handicapping this year’s Oscars.

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