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How To Compare Offshore Betting Odds With Las Vegas Odds

One of the most common questions that casual sports betting fans have when it comes to sports betting odds is how to offshore betting odds compare with Las Vegas odds? The fact that the offshore odds could be different than the lines at certain sportsbooks in Las Vegas makes it an interesting topic and the answer depends on what type of information that you are looking to find. Here is a look at how to compare offshore betting odds with Las Vegas odds.

Breaking Down The Differences

If you are betting on sports at the actual Las Vegas casinos then you want to focus on the Las Vegas odds when shopping around for the best possible numbers. Different Las Vegas casinos will change their lines slightly based on the action that they are getting so you could find a different line at one Las Vegas casino then you will find across the street at another Las Vegas casino. The same could be said for the offshore betting odds, which are also based in large part on the action that sportbook is taking in. The popularity of the internet and the rise of sports online through video and social media has completely changed the way that sports betting fans approach the entire process. The online sportsbooks will be just as quick to adjust to the action they are taking in so the lines that you find online could look very different than the ones that you find in an actual casino at any given time. Offshore sportsbooks usually set the markets with early openers and then welcome the biggest bets from the sharp bettors, which can lead to significant line movement.

How To Compare The Odds

It’s important to remember that even if members are only interested in offshore odds, they should still keep a close eye on the Las Vegas lines and monitor them throughout the time leading up to the actual events. You might not bet with the Las Vegas casinos, but by keeping a close eye on the lines you will still be well aware of where their lines are in comparison with how the lines at the offshore sportsbook you are using are being moved. The best way to understand where the lines are in comparison with where they should be is to monitor all of the numbers and get a general snapshot of the entire sports betting marketplace. It also makes a lot of sense to see where the line is when it is released and where it moves from there up until when the event actually begins.


The best in the business will keep a close eye on all of the lines in order to get a strong feel for where the money is and where the best opportunity will be. The offshore sportsbook lines will be slightly different than some of the odds that you will see in Las Vegas casinos, but by monitoring the lines and comparing them you can get a very good idea of where the best value is on a consistent basis.

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