Sports Betting Strategy

How To Effectively Shade Sports Betting Lines To Make A Substantial Profit

There are many parallels between the financial world and the world of sports betting and the majority of them come down to risk and appropriate money management. Economists often study supply and demand as well as other themes in order to try to gain an edge in the financial world. At the same time, professional sports handicappers study betting trends in order to understand how to gain an edge. What they have found is that by shading sports betting lines they can improve their profit margins and take advantage of opportunities in the sports betting markets. Here is a look at how to effectively shade sports betting lines in order to effectively make a substantial profit.

Understanding Profit Margins

The sportsbooks build lines in a fashion that ensures that they will make a profit regardless of the outcome of the actual events. For example, the basic money line bet has two teams listed at -110. According to this line, the bettor needs to risk $110 in order to win $100. Therefore, every winner receives $100 while every loser gives up $110, which results in a net profit of $10 for the sportsbook based on every pair of wagers on both sides. Under this basic set of circumstances, the bettor needs to win on 52-53 percent of their wagers in order to break even while the sportsbook can make a substantial profit with a 50-50 split. The sportsbooks will adjust the numbers based on the perceived favorites in a given matchup so the lines could move to -180, +220 or even greater. The public might be aware of these splits but they usually tend to overlook them when it comes to understanding profit margins and how to use this information in order to make a substantial amount of money.

Shading The Sports Lines

Sportsbooks will look at what the betting public is on and shade the sports betting lines in order to take advantage of their tendencies. This usually results in favorites being overpriced. That means there are plenty of opportunities for sports betting fans to take advantage of these situations by countering the sportsbooks by betting on the underdogs. It’s important to look at the percentage of the public that is on the favorite and the impact that number has on what the line is for the game. The betting public will tend to wager on the heavy favorite regardless of what the line is while the professional handicapper will understand how the sportsbooks shade the lines and put their money on the underdogs in order to capitalize on the opportunity.


There is no such thing as a guaranteed win in sports but it is clear we can gain an edge by paying attention to sports betting trends. The fact that we are aware of sportsbooks shading lines in a specific direction in order to gain an edge means that we can take advantage of them by countering and betting the underdogs. Shading the sports betting lines can be an effective approach to making a substantial profit betting on sports so don’t overlook the opportunity to build up your bankroll with this proven sports betting strategy.

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