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How To Get Over Losing Streaks In Sports Betting

Anybody that has bet on sports long enough has probably dealt with a losing streak. Whether it’s three in a row or 10 in a row, anybody that consistently bets on sports has to expect to have their share of highs and lows. So what is the best approach to take in order to break out of an extended funk and get back on track? Here is a look at four keys to getting over losing streaks in sports betting.

Understand Streaks Happen

The most important tip to remember is that streaks will happen. If you can string together five wins in a row then you could definitely string together five losses in a row. The best handicappers in the world will go through their share of slumps so don’t think that you are in rare territory if you are in the midst of a sports betting slide.

Don’t Change Your Handicapping Approach

It’s also very important not to completely change your handicapping approach in an effort to try to get back on track. The same approach that netted you extended win streaks in the past will eventually get you back on track with a couple of wins so you don’t want to change your approach. Think about it like a high-scoring hockey player that is in the midst of a goal-scoring slump. The worst thing they can do is change the approach that made them successful in the first place and start trying to do too much to score. Stick with what worked for you in the past and your luck will eventually begin to turn.

Cut Back On Risk Amounts

One of the biggest keys to surviving an extended losing streak is to cut back on risk amounts until things start to turn around. Every single person that bets on sports should have a money management system in place to weather negative storms and if you don’t then the first thing you should do is start to cut down in risk amounts in order to limit the amount of money you can actually lose on each wager. Betting half of the usual amount you wager or less can help curtail your losses and make sure that the damage is limited on any extended losing streak.

Remain Patient Throughout The Process

While you should never change your approach to handicapping games, there is nothing wrong with being patient throughout the process. One of the biggest issues that handicappers have during losing streaks is that they feel the need to bet every single day in an effort to break out of their funk. The reality is that they might be better off taking a day off and affording themselves the opportunity to refresh before pushing forward. The best handicappers in the world understand that there will always be another opportunity to get in on the action the following day so there is absolutely no reason to force it in an effort to break out of an extending losing streak.

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