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How You Could Benefit From Betting On Non-Marquee Events

Is there money to be made on esports, sims?

There are only 30 teams in the NBA, MLB and NHL and there are 32 teams in the NFL. The fact that there are so few teams and so few matchups on any given night makes it that much easier for the sportsbooks to stay on top of the sports betting lines. The fact that they are the four most popular sports to bet on in North American markets means the sportsbooks are always looking to gain an edge with plenty of time and research going in to their lines. Considering how closely they pay attention to the four major sports in comparison with other less popular sports, it appears to make that much more sense to adjust your betting habits accordingly and look elsewhere in order to attack the sportsbooks weaknesses instead of their strengths. Here is a look at how you could benefit from betting on non-marquee events.

Smaller College Conferences

The smaller college football and college basketball conferences are the perfect example of a less popular sports betting area where you can capitalize on the fact that there is so much action and that much less attention paid to the individual lines. With over 120 division I FBS teams in college football and over 300 Division 1 teams in college basketball, it is impossible for the sportsbooks to cover every single line with the most updated information available. The bookmakers will keep a close eye on the more popular games including those featuring top-25 teams than they would on the smaller games. That means that there are lines in Mid-American and Sun Belt games that should be watched closely in order find lines that aren’t what they should be. The smart sports bettor will take advantage of the lack of attention paid to these lines and figure out which point spreads to bet on in order to take advantage.

Betting Other Non-Marquee Events

While college football and college basketball will provide plenty of opportunities to make significant profits on lines that aren’t monitored and scrutinized as closely as the four major sports, there are a number of other non-marquee sports where similar rules apply. With sports like NASCAR and golf, the sportsbooks tend to focus more on the biggest names like Jimmie Johnson and Jordan Spieth rather than breaking down every option in the field based on their true value. By taking the time to put in the necessary research in sports like auto racing or golf, you can pinpoint the areas where the lines might not be as exact as they should be. The fact that the sportsbooks pay more attention to the four major sports is well known but most casual sports bettors don’t realize the opportunities that are available to them if they bet on other smaller events. The non-marquee sports represent an excellent opportunity to make some serious money from a sports betting avenue so it’s definitely worth taking the time to consider and getting in on the action.

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