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If Bets & Reverse Bets In Online Sports Betting

If Bets & Reverse Bets are two of the more complex types of sports wagers that you can make and while they might seem difficult to understand they really aren’t that hard to figure out once you get the basic concepts. These bets are similar to parlays in that they involve making multiple selections but the key difference is that they are lower risk and still offer a return even if you don’t get every selection right. Here is a closer look at how If Bets & Reverse Bets work in online sports betting.

How If Bet Works

An If Bet is a combination of two wagers or more, where the result of each wager determines whether or not the subsequent wager is placed. For example, pretend you have two picks with Team A and Team C on your ticket for an If Bet. If Team A wins, then your resulting stake is placed on Team C and you let the money ride. If Team C wins but Team A loses then you get paid out for the Team C win minus the money risked on Team A. The number of selections you can include in an If Bet varies depending on the sportsbook but the number is usually between two and six. There are four possible scenarios in the situation where you took two teams. Team A covers but Team C doesn’t, Team C covers but Team A doesn’t, both teams cover or neither teams cover. The best part about the If Bet is that even if one team loses you could still might not lose your money depending on how many teams you take and the amount of money you risk.

How Reverse Bets Work

Reverse Bets are simply If Bets that work in all different directions as they are essentially a combination of each of the possible If Bets on any given number of selections, and as such they eliminate the possibility of losing out on returns due to the order of selections. In the If Bet example that we mentioned above, the first selection was Team A and the second selection was Team C. In terms of a Reverse Bet, you will be guaranteed to win money if you get even one of those picks right. This would guarantee that you win your money back if you get one selection wrong. You could have anywhere between two and six selections on a Reverse Bet as well. It’s important to remember that when you place a Reverse Bet, your initial stake is multiplies by the number of If Bets that it combines.


Both the If Bets and the Reverse Bets can be very useful if used the correct way and for the right reasons. These two types of bets are particularly attractive as an alternative to the parlays but only if you are willing to sacrifice some of the potential returns for a lower overall risk. The If Bets and Reverse Bets can be quality weapons but you do have to understand how to use them the right way and to your advantage.

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