Sports Betting Strategy

Learning How To Handicap The Market

There are levels to this sports betting game and if you’re absolutely serious about being a great sports bettor, you should learn about capping the wagering market. Basically, what you’re doing is looking around at all the different sports betting sites and shopping around, as it were, for the best odds and value so that you can maximize your profits. This isn’t an in-depth discussion on capping the market, but if you want somewhere to start, this is the place.

Learn The Difference Between A Sharp And A Square

There are two types of sports betting books out there: a sharp book and a square a book. A sharp book is one that is very hard to beat because the linesmakers there really know their stuff, and they usually also have higher amounts in terms of bets you can make. Then on the other side, you have the square books, which don’t offer a lot in terms of moneylines for all sports and they’re more or less there for recreational players, those that just want to have fun and aren’t worried that much about making a profit. You’ll figure out the difference between sharp and square books very quickly once you find which sites are which.

The Line Moves

Yes, sports betting lines definitely move and the really sharp bettors know when they move and usually, which direction they’ll move in. This happens a lot for football, for example, as a line can open at -3 for one team, but something will happen (for example, an injury) and while the line opens on Sunday night, by Wednesday it could be -4. If you know when the line will move, you can bet on the line that gives you the best value, so learning this skill is very important.

Understand Why The Line Is What It Is

Sometimes you’ll look at a betting line for a game and wonder, is that too high or too low? That’s a fair question. The reason is that the sportsbooks are trying to find a line that will bring in an equal amount on each time because why are sports betting books in this game? To make a profit. They have no allegiance to the teams whatsoever, their allegiance is to the almighty dollar and making sure that the sides are equal. Once you figure that out, it’ll make it a lot easier to understand sports betting lines.

Time Is On Your Side

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to becoming a sports betting expert. There are subjects such as juice, or the vig (the sportsbook’s cut for taking your bet), and how that interacts with betting lines. Then there is getting into the hardcore numbers aspect of sports betting, in terms of odds and values. There is definitely a science to being a great sports bettor, but the one overarching theme of it all is experience and time; you need to do a little trial and error over a period of time to become really good at it, and only then will you start to see a profit.

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