Sports Betting Strategy

Selectivity When It Comes To Sports Betting

One of the most interesting aspects of sports betting is the general assumption among the public that they can win on a consistent basis. The casual fan might think that they can hit on 50-percent of their wagers regardless of who they take. If they put in a little more effort than usual, they might even think they can win 60-percent of the time. The reality is that winning on a consistent basis simply isn’t easy and even the best handicappers in the world will struggle to win 60-percent of their wagers on a consistent basis. The professional handicappers are smart enough to realize the window of opportunity that exists when betting on sports and they will choose to remain selective when it comes to choosing how many wagers they enter.


An NFL Sunday is the perfect example of an opportunity to narrow betting selections by use of selectivity. With so many games on the slate throughout the day you can pick and choose the bets that you think have the best chance at coming through. For example, if there are 12 games on the slate, then you can pick your three of four best bets and roll with them rather than making smaller bets on seven or eight games. The ability to cut down on the number of wagers you make should reduce your potential risk while leading to a bigger reward for the selections that you do get right. There is nothing wrong with betting on multiple games on an NFL Sunday, just remember that if you have a strong feeling about a couple of teams in particular then you can limit your choices to those teams and make a substantial profit betting on them.

Shopping Around

Selectivity extends beyond the teams that you decide to bet on to include shopping around sportsbooks and finding the best available lines. It’s important to remember that different sportsbooks offer different lines for the same game, so by shopping around you can find the best available odds depending on what your selection is. It’s important to keep the key numbers in mind with 3 and 7 the digits to look out for in the NFL. The majority of football games are decided by either 3 or 7 points so the difference between a -2.5 spread and a -3.5 spread can be significant.


Selectivity is nothing new to the professionals. In fact, the majority of professional handicappers will concentrate their focus on a handful of games every night and limit their betting scope to just those matchups. By shopping around for the best available lines, they can put themselves in position to find the best value and increase their potential winnings. The key is to remember that even the best sports handicappers in the world will only win between 55-60 percent of their wagers in a given month so don’t be afraid to limit the number of bets you make every night when you can build your bankroll more effectively by being selective.

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