Sports Betting Strategy

Should Bettors Should Specialize In One Sport?

The rise of online sports betting has resulted in bettors having access to pretty much every single sport on a 24/7 basis. Whether it’s college football and the NFL in September, the NHL and NBA in October, MLB through the spring and summer or any other event, there is a good chance that sport is available online. That includes niche sports such as auto racing, golf, tennis, cricket and more. With so many betting options available, it is very easy to get drawn in to all of the different sports rather than focus on any single one. However, the smart move might be to focus on one sport and stick with it. Here is a look at why bettors should specialize in one sport.

Choosing One Sport

The most important thing to remember when it comes to betting on sports is that the sportsbooks are extremely sharp, which is why they are in business in the first place. The sportsbooks are constantly staying on top of the lines to make sure everything is in order and that makes it hard to beat them on a consistent basis. The best way to gain an edge on them is to narrow your focus to one sport in which you specialize the most. By giving all of your focus to a single sport you can find great value on lines on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with switching gears and trying a different sport in the offseason for your favorite sport but by sticking with one forum you will increase your chances of winning.

Why It Works

The only way to beat the sportsbooks on a consistent basis is to have enough knowledge of the particular sport to stay ahead of them. While that can be easier when it comes to niche sports, there is nothing wrong with investing that much more time in to your favorite sports whether it be football or basketball or anything else. It is certainly important to understand how the sportsbooks work and to not spread your self to thin when betting against them. The professional handicappers will narrow their focus as much as need be to stay on top of the sport they are following and make sure they are always a step ahead of their competition.


On a busy sports week, sportsbooks and bettors will be busy jumping from one event to the next looking to gain an edge. The best way to understand what they are doing is to focus on an individual line and track its movements. You will notice that the sportsbook adjusts to the information it receives whether it’s a significant amount of money on a given team or some insider information that the general public might not be aware of. By specializing in one sport, you give yourself a required edge and will be able to stay ahead of the competition on a consistent basis. There is nothing wrong with betting on multiple sports, just make sure you understand that it is much more difficult to beat the sportsbooks if you do not specialize in any given sport.

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