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Sports Betting: 101: Asian Handicap

Betting on soccer using Asian Handicaps is extremely popular in the Far East, but it is also very popular in the other European countries as well. The majority of professional handicappers usually prefer Asian Handicaps as one of their favorite markets. It is no coincidence that the Asian Handicap market tends to offer better value than other more popular soccer markets, which is the reason they like it so much since it gives them a better chance of sustained profit over the long-term. Here is a look at the different types of Asian Handicaps.

Full Goal Asian Handicap

The full goal Asian Handicap uses a whole number to give the underdog a head start and the favorite a disadvantage. A positive value is used for the weaker team and a negative value is used for a stronger team in the same way that the point spreads are set for the American football markets. For example, the favorite could be listed at -1 while the underdog could be listed at +1. So if Liverpool was hosting Sunderland in Premier League action then Liverpool could be listed at -1 while Sunderland could be available at +1. In this situation, Sunderland could win or draw or lose by one goal and still win while Liverpool would have to win by more than one goal to be considered the winner according to the Full Goal Asian Handicap.

Half Goal Asian Handicap

The half goal Asian Handicap relies on the same concept as the full goal but the number is only a half goal as its name suggests. Using the same example that we discussed in the above scenario, Liverpool would be listed at -0.5 while Sunderland would be listed at +0.5. Therefore, if Liverpool won by one goal or more then they would be the winner while Sunderland would need to draw or win to be considered the winner on the half goal Asian Handicap.

Quarter Goal Asian Handicap

The quarter goal Asian Handicap uses increments of a quarter to alter the start of the game. This is the trickiest Asian Handicap since if offers half of your stake on the half goal and half of your stake on the full goal. For example, if you were to take Liverpool as the favorite on the quarter goal Asian Handicap then you would be risking half of your stake at Liverpool -0.5 and half of your stage at Liverpool at -1.0. This is an intriguing option that is very unique from other betting types so it should be no surprise that it is very popular in soccer markets.


The Asian Handicap market is often regarded as being more complex and confusing than other markets but it doesn’t take much to understand the way it works. Taking the time to read this article should provide enough information to use the Asian Handicap markets if you want to do so and you could also read a lot more information that is available online. The Asian Handicap markets are extremely popular in the far east and in Europe so it could be worth investing some time and figuring out for yourself why they are so popular and how you can make them work for you moving forward.

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