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Sports Betting 101: How To Bet On Darts

One of the fastest growing betting markets in the industry over the last few years is a sport that most people still don’t even realize is available to bet on. Darts has seen a steady increase in popularity over time to the point where the majority of sportsbooks now offer as many individual events around the world as they can every year. While it might not seem easy to understand at first, darts is a very simple sport that could be a lot of fun to follow, especially if you are keen on exploiting a niche market in order to build up your bankroll. Here is a look at how to bet on darts.

Darts Betting Types

There are many different ways to bet on darts so we will start with the simplest in 1×2 betting. 1×2 betting is ultimately picking who will win a match so it’s understandable that this is the most common market. The majority of sportsbooks also offer Darts Leg Handicap betting, which occurs when one player is favored to beat another. To counter the perceived bias between the favorite and the underdog, the sportsbooks will established a handicap of legs to level the playing field. These legs are eventually added to the game’s final score and the winner is the player that wins with these additions factored in. The Outright Market Darts futures allows bettors to pick a player that they think will win a specific tournament before it begins, which is similar to the futures markets for any other sports. The majority of sportsbooks also offer prop bets including the Total Legs played, which is simply betting on whether the matchup will go longer or shorter than the total that has been established by the sportsbook.

Darts Betting Events

There are plenty of different darts tournaments around the world that you might not even have heard about to this point. The PDC World Darts Championships is the most popular by far and is considered the elite of darts tournaments but there is also other tournaments like the BDO World Darts Championship and Premier League of Darts that get a lot of attention. The UK Open Darts tournament is also known as the FA Cup of Darts while there are also World Matchplay and Grand Slam of Darts tournaments to follow as well. With so many different tournaments and events throughout the world being followed, there are plenty of opportunities to get in on the action.


There are obvious reasons why betting on darts isn’t as popular as other sports like football, baseball, basketball or hockey, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth investing your time in it. In fact, since darts is a niche market there is less attention paid to it by the sportsbooks and that could lead to some smart betting if you can figure out where the best value is. There is plenty of information available online for those that want to follow the sport and it could be worth taking the time to invest in darts betting if it means building up a substantial bankroll in the long run by capitalizing on the fact that it isn’t as popular as other sports.

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