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Sports Betting 101: How To Bet On Volleyball

While the majority of sports fans don’t understand the extreme competitive nature that goes in to it, volleyball is a very tough sport to play and something those at the highest level of the sport are extremely passionate about. The sport might also not get the amount of attention it deserves from a sports betting perspective, but that can be a good thing for those willing to put in the time and do the necessary research when it comes to betting on it. There are several different ways to bet on volleyball and those that do their research will have the opportunity to gain an edge on the sportsbooks that aren’t putting nearly the same amount of effort in to staying on top of the lines for that sport as they are with the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL. Here is a look at how to bet on volleyball.

Volleyball Betting Types

There are plenty of different types of bets available for volleyball with a handful of markets in particular to focus on. 1×2 volleyball betting is the most common market and the simplest way for a player to understand the cost of a bet since it is only betting on which team will win a match. Volleyball betting futures are available as well so players can bet on a team before a competition and take them to win either a single match or an entire tournament. The majority of sportsbooks also offer total sets betting, which is predicting the over or under based on the market that they have set. Some sites will offer match handicap bets if they feel the matchup deserves it as well as prop bets that include markets like betting on how the first set of the match will play out.

Volleyball Betting Events

The Olympic Volleyball tournament is the pinnacle for the sport but it is only held every four years. That means a lot of time in between when there will be other events to bet on. The FIVB volley world championship is an international men and women’s indoor volleyball tournament in which 24 teams compete for the championship. While those are the biggest events, there are other tournaments such as World League Volleyball, World Cup Volleyball and the Grand Prix Volleyball that are available to bet on. There are domestic volleyball tournaments that take place around the world as well and you might be surprised when you look and see the number of smaller domestic events that are available to bet on.


While volleyball clearly isn’t as popular as the other sports around the world that gives it another level of potential when it comes to betting. The fact that the sportsbooks do not pay as close attention to volleyball means that those that take the necessary time to research the sport and pay close attention to it can gain a significant edge. You might not find volleyball to be the sexiest sport to follow but if it means building up your bankroll with some substantial profits then it should definitely be worth the investment.

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