Sports Betting Strategy

Sports Betting 101: In-Game Betting

In-game betting has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, especially in the National Football League. It was only right that the next step in the evolution of NFL football betting included the ability to bet on the game in real-time, as it was happening, and it continues to evolve as sportsbooks find new wrinkles for the players.

Live Betting

There are a few different ways to go about your live betting now, starting with the most obvious, and that is the ability to bet on the next play. For example, you will come across a line that will offer you two options: will the next play be a running play, or will it be a passing play? Then, it will give you the odds for that play, with one as the favorite and the underdog. Then, you make your pick. You can bet on whether or not a drive will have a particular ending, like a touchdown, or a punt, a field goal, or in some cases, a turnover.

You can also enter live bets on totals that move around throughout the game, so for example, two teams might have a high total because of their offenses, for example, 55. But for whatever reason (good defense, sluggish offense), both teams could only manage a field goal between the two of them by the end of the first quarter. The total will likely change and the live-betting number will reflect that.

This means you can also bet on the line of a game that goes up or down as it progresses, and that can be a really interesting wager to make. For example, Carolina could be favored over New Orleans by seven points to start the game, but by the end of the first quarter, it is New Orleans that is up by a touchdown. The line could shrink from -7 for Carolina to -3 or -4, or New Orleans could even be the favorite now. Injuries will also a swing a line in the middle of a game. Obviously, if a team that is favored loses their starting quarterback and has to go to a backup that does not have much experience (or, quite frankly, just is not very good), you could see the team that was the underdog become the favorite.

Now, this is a process that moves very quickly, so you really have to be on the ball when it comes to get your pick in. You have a little more time to operate in between the quarters, but you do not have much time and that is the edge that the sportsbook has on the players. You have to be ready to make a quick decision.

Halftime Betting

Halftime betting in an NFL game is different as you have more time to make these bets, which are usually having to do with the outcome of the game, the spread or the total. Instead of having precious second or minutes to make your pick, you now have about 15-20 minutes during halftime to make these bets, and you have already seen the first half of the game (hopefully), so you will know the trends that have been taking place.

You have to use your time wisely when it comes to halftime betting, because while you have more time, that window closes in a hurry. You really do not have time to shop around and get the best lines, and you should have a plan of action going into the half. Some sportsbooks will release the halftime lines before halftime even begins, so get started early and maximize all the time you have.

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