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Sports Betting 101: The Double Chance Betting Strategy

The key to the double chance betting strategy is in its name. You simply need to bet on two outcomes of a game. The only precondition is that the sport you are betting on has three different possible outcomes including win, loss or draw. Compared to a common bet where you only bet on one of these three outcomes, in a double chance you bet on two and thus decrease your risk. The obvious downside to this type of bet is the odds are lower than with your common bet. However, the strategy can be very effective if you use it the right way. Here is a look at the double chance betting strategy.

Double Chance Bets Examples

Let’s use a soccer game as an example. In football you can have three outcomes to a game. First, Team A can win the game. Second, Team B can win the game. Third, the two teams can tie. So you have a feeling that the underdog will have a good chance to either win or tie then you could bet that team to both win and draw. In this situation, all you need is for one of the two outcomes you have selected to pull through and you will win. If the underdog wins or draws you will make a significant profit. Also, if you feel like the underdog is in a bad spot and the momentum of the game is swinging against them you could then easily adjust and live bet the favorite with enough money to cover your potential losses. The double chance bet allows you to be very proactive and read and react to what you see in the game.

The Numbers

The odds are usually lower when making a double bet compared to a common bet. That is because you are selecting two potential outcomes rather than one. This is why you should use this betting concept for a riskier outcome. At those games the odds are generally a little higher so you will increase the potential money you can win while decreasing your potential risk. You can win a lot of money using the double bet tool but you want to pay close attention to the numbers in order to make sure you are maximizing your potential profits.


The double bet is only available for sports with three potential outcomes so that will be your focus if you want to use this tool. You can’t use the double bet for sports where the draw is not possible. Therefore, while you can use this tool for a sport like soccer it is not possible for tennis or volleyball. However, the fact that you can use this tool with some of the major sports is a reason why it is become so popular. The double bet like a lot of other tools can really improve your chances of making a profit. Make sure you pay close attention to the numbers and you could gain a significant edge by using the double bet strategy.

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