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Sports Betting: 3 Interesting Ways To Find Value

One of the most important aspects of successful sports betting is finding value. While the majority of casual fans still don’t understand how important it is, hunting for value is one of the keys to consistently making profits when betting on sports. Even the best handicappers in the world only win around 50-55-percent of their wagers so it’s extremely important for them to find value in order to consistently build their profit margins. Here is a look at three keys to finding value in sports betting.

Big Odds Aren’t Always Excellent Value

One important rule to remember is that just because teams are available at long odds doesn’t mean that they are excellent value picks. For example, if the Cleveland Browns are listed at +240 to beat the Baltimore Ravens as road underdogs then while the odds indicate value it should be important to remember just how unlikely it is that Cleveland will win that game in the first place. There is a very realistic chance that the Browns post an 0-16 record in 2016 so it really doesn’t matter what their odds to win their games are if they lose every single contest. Cleveland could be listed at +500 for each of their games but if they go 0-16 then you just lost a ton of money on those perceived value wagers.

Low Odds Do Offer Value

One of the biggest misconceptions in sports betting is that low odds do not offer value. While on the surface that might seem like a true statement, the reality is that you don’t necessarily need high odds to find value. The bottom line is that any odds that are better than you think they should be could offer decent value. For example, if you think the New England Patriots should be listed at -300 on the money line against the New York Jets and they are only listed at -150, then that might be solid value based on the perceived matchup. You might not build your bankroll as rapidly betting on low odds but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value betting on favorites when the odds are better than expected.

Accumulators Could Be Worth The Investments

Another common myth is that accumulators don’t offer value. However, while each added wager potentially decreases your chances of winning a small number of wagers on the same ticket could be worth taking the chance. The key is managing the number of wagers you make on every accumulator. You are that much less likely to win a 10-team parlay than a three-team parlay but at the same time you need to find the best value. Accumulators could definitely be worth the investment but it requires being disciplined and not putting too many wagers on the same ticket.


These three keys are easy to remember and they could make a significant difference when it comes to building up your bankroll. It’s important to remember the difference between perceived value and actual value when betting on sports, especially when it comes to the odds. Long odds don’t necessarily mean value and short odds don’t necessarily mean a lack of value in the right situations. Accumulators could be worth the risk, just make sure you aren’t getting too crazy in terms of the number of wagers you put on each ticket.

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