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Sports Betting: 3 Things Sharp Bettors Do To Prepare

As the saying goes, “luck favors the prepared”. We all know that sharp bettors tend to be able to turn a profit year after year. Hardly due to luck (although being luck can never hurt), sharp bettors are able to succeed in the world of sports betting because they tend to also be more prepared for the upcoming season than everyone else. In this article, we’ll focus on the NCAA football season. Football is a massive betting market in North America, with NCAA football getting their fair share of bets. Let’s take a look at the three things sharp bettors do to prepare for the upcoming NCAA football season year after year.

Learn And Get Up-To-Date On New Recruits

Every year, there will be a new wave of recruits who will be joining their respective teams in anticipation for the upcoming NCAA football season. With a lot of turnover every year, this simple fact means that to succeed in NCAA football betting, one must at least consistently learn and keep up-to-date with players who have left and new players who are about to start anew. The guaranteed influx of young talent is what makes college football so great and unique. If a team has undergone a drastic change from one year to the next, in terms of players leaving and a lot of new players coming onboard, the team’s statistics from last year will also be largely irrelevant since you’ll be dealing with a massive change of personnel. As a result, when looking at the incoming players, you must get a good sense for what their role will be for the upcoming season. For example, some of the common questions that you should ask yourself are:

– Which players will be likely to be redshirts?
– Which players will primarily play on special teams?
– Which players will receive significant playing time?
– Which players will be likely to earn a starting position?
– Are the players who will receive significant playing time or earn a starting position just flat out special and talented or is it due to the fact that the team only has limited options?

Coaching Changes

One coaching change at a major college football program can often bring about a wave of ripple effects that trickle all the way down to individual players. New coaches, whether it’s the head coach or defensive coordinator, bring new styles and new energies to the team. As a result, it’s important to try and gauge how these changes, if any, will impact the team as a whole as well as individual players who will be most affected by the coaching change(s). The more a coach will be looking to change offensive and defensive styles, the more likely the team will struggle initially to start off the season.

Watch Out For Deceptive Early Schedules

Since the betting public attaches a lot of significance to the records of teams, records could be a terrible indicator of how good a team is actually performing – this is especially true in non-conference matchups. A team may begin the season winning their first four games but still playing relatively poorly if they’ve had an extremely easy schedule to start things off. Conversely, a team that’s won only one of their first four games could be poised for big things to come if their losses have come against teams who are significantly tougher than they are.

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