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Sports Betting: An Introduction To Pleaser Bets

A pleaser bet is conceptually the same as a teaser bet. However, instead of moving the line in the bettor’s favor, the line is moved toward the sportsbook’s favor, in exchange a better payout. Pleasers usually involve giving away six points to the sportsbook while other sportsbooks may allow the bettor to give away more than six points for higher odds. The standard number of teams on a pleaser bet is two to six but a sportsbook allows the bettor to be more aggressive, resulting in more than six teams on the pleaser bet. Since pleasers and teasers deal with spreads, these betting options are generally only available for basketball and football.

Average Payouts

To get a sense of how high the potential payouts could go the more teams added to the pleaser bet, here are the average payouts for two to six team pleasers, while each team on the pleaser bet must give away six points to the sportsbook.

Two-team: 7.00
Three-team: 18.00
Four-team: 46.00
Five-team: 121.00
Six-team: 301.00

As more teams are added to the pleaser bet, the chances of winning become extremely low to begin with – it’s even more tough for every team to win if each team must give away six additional points to the sportsbook.

Example Illustration

Here’s an example of a three-team teaser involving three different games in the NBA.

Golden State Warriors -18.5
Philadelphia 76ers +3.0
Cleveland Cavaliers -7.5

If we wanted to “please” these three separate games, we’d modify the line for each team by six points to favor the sportsbook. As a result, the new spreads for the three teams are:

Golden State Warriors -24.5
Philadelphia 76ers: -3.0
Cleveland Cavaliers: -13.5

As you can see, the Warriors must now win by 25 points or more instead of 19 points or more; the 76ers, rather than receiving a three point head start, must now win by at least three points; the Cavaliers must now win by double digits (14 or more points) as opposed to only having to win by eight points or more.
How To Place A Pleaser Bet

Placing a pleaser bet is relatively straightforward. Select the pleaser bet option and choose between two and six teams, or more – if your sportsbook provides this option. While some sportsbooks will allow only six-point pleasers, which will automatically be applied to each team on your pleaser bet, other sportsbooks allow more discretion with the number of points pleased, which you will then have to adjust.


One strategy for betting pleasers involves finding teams with spreads in the Pick ‘Em to three-point range and including these teams in the same pleaser bet. If you’re able to find two or more teams primed for an upset, you might be able to take advantage of a potentially massive payout if you went with the six-point pleaser bet option. Additionally, when it comes to huge spreads, it can go both ways. If a team is heavily favored to win and you believe that the team will completely blow its opponent out of the water, six additional points may not be too many more points to give up. Furthermore, if a team is a heavy underdog and you believe that the team will be able to keep the game close, giving up six additional points may be a sound strategy. However, betting pleasers requires a lot of analysis, data crunching, and math work, if long-term success is your goal.

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