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Sports Betting: Bonus Programs And What You Should Be Looking For

The rise of online sportsbooks and casinos has changed the way that sports betting fans get their fix as they are now able to go online and wager on sports 24/7. The majority of sportsbooks cover nearly every single sport with live betting options available as well as seemingly countless amounts of proposition bets and other wagers. With so many different sportsbooks out there competing for business, the best sportsbooks are leaning on the use of bonus programs in order to keep their customers coming back. Here is a look at some of the different sports betting bonus programs and what you should be looking to find.

Signup Bonuses

The majority of sportsbooks use signup bonuses in order to convince customers to join their sites as members. These signup bonuses could include anything from free play bonuses to matching the initial deposit that the player makes by up to $200. A number of online sportsbooks will match 100% of deposits up to $200, which means that new members can get a free $200 just by signing up. The key to the bonuses is that the sites will often require players to “rollover” the money, which means risking the amount that they match a certain amount of times before they are allowed to withdraw the money. This prevents players from signing up for the free bonus and then taking the $200 out right away and pocketing it.

Loyalty Bonuses

A number of sites will offer loyalty bonuses for members that stick with them and continue to wager on their site over time. For example, if a player wagers a certain amount of money then they could earn a free play or a $50 bonus to use moving forward. The loyalty bonuses aren’t as common as they once were and they definitely aren’t as common as the signup bonuses but it is definitely worth looking around and finding a site that offers them. Once upon a time, sportsbooks offered massive bonuses to players that stuck around and used their sites over a long period of time but that just isn’t the case anymore.


While the sports betting bonuses aren’t as good as they once were, they are still fairly solid and give players the opportunity to make some added cash simply by using the site that they play with. It also offers some incentive to use more than one sportsbook at the same time. It is usually a good idea to use more than one sportsbook so that you can compare lines and find the best possible value for every wager that you make. The fact that you can get a bonus for signing up with two sites should make that incentive even greater. You can deposit $200 in to two different sites that offer 100% matches up to $200 and start out with a free $400 to work with. That is a pretty good start when it comes to building up your bankroll and bottom line. There are sites online that track bonus offers and which sportsbooks have the best available lines. It is definitely a good idea to check out those sites ahead of time and figure out where the best value is available ahead of time in order to maximize your bonus potential.

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