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Sports Betting: Emotional Control And Discipline

For sports bettors and gamblers in general, the appeal of gambling mainly comes from the emotional highs and lows it brings. While the highs are much more enjoyable, the old saying of having to taste the lows to appreciate the highs is painfully true, especially when it comes to gambling. Although there’s nothing wrong with gaining some enjoyment from riding the emotional rollercoaster, you’ll be able to derive much more success if you’re able to curb the emotional aspect of sports betting. The difference between successful and unsuccessful bettors is far from their abilities to analyze all factors that may influence the outcome of a game. Rather, a much bigger factor is the ability of successful bettors to maintain discipline and control their emotions. Let’s take a look at what these things entail in this article.


While we’ve all gone through periods where we felt as if every game we bet on would end up a loser, it’s important to not let this get to you. Simply put, don’t be afraid of losing. If you have this mindset, you’ll make decisions based on fear, which, more often than not, is not a good idea. To minimize the feeling of fear, you should only ever bet with money that you’re prepared to lose and try to ignore the monetary value of your bankroll. If you view your bankroll as a tool used for trading, you’ll remove your emotional attachment. Additionally, if you practice good bankroll management, there’s no reason to get scared over a string of losses.


An important aspect of betting is knowing when to bet. With so many online websites offering ease and accessibility to betting, the temptation to place bets at any given moment is all too real. While placing lots of bets may lead to success, a better strategy would be to remain selective and only bet when there’s a good reason to do so. A common problem with many bettors is the urge to place bets even when there’s no real reason of doing so. To deal with impatience, before placing a bet, ask yourself why you’re placing this bet. If you’re unable to answer your own question, it’d be best to hold off for another time.

Desperation And Greed

When it comes to sports betting, there’ll be times when you’re on an absolute roll and have other periods where you simply can’t buy a winning bet. While it’s easy to ride the high waves when you’re winning game after game, it’s what you do when you find yourself in the midst of a terrible losing streak. While many bettors may become extremely desperate after a string of losses, this is certainly a recipe for disaster. Desperation, in turn, will lead to betting at higher stakes in an attempt to chase and make up for the losses. However, chasing losses is one of the cardinal sins of betting. In this instance, greed is not good.

The Importance Of Discipline

From all of the aforementioned sections, it brings us to our final point – the importance of staying disciplined. Staying disciplined is a must if you wish to practice sound bankroll management, which will enable you to cope with fears and resist impatience, desperation, and greed. Staying disciplined will in turn provide you with a greater sense of confidence while furthering your passion for sports betting.

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