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Sports Betting: How To Bet On Cycling

While the controversy surrounding the sport over the last decade has tainted the outlook of it over the years, cycling remains a very popular sport to bet on with a number of different markets available to wager on. It might not be as popular as other sporting events, but betting on cycling can very entertaining, especially if you are consistently making substantial profits on a consistent basis. The majority of sportsbooks will offer various different cycling events to bet on throughout the calendar year and it might be worth investing some time in since the opportunity to build your bankroll is there. Here is a look at how to bet on cycling.

How To Bet On Cycling

There are plenty of different ways to bet on cycling with several different markets offered for the different events. The simplest form for betting on cycling is 1×2 markets, which is the most common type of market to wager on. Betting this market is simply choosing a team or a rider to win a stage. There is also the cycling futures betting, which is betting on a rider or a team to win a stage or an event. Futures odds are offered for all of the major events and while they aren’t as popular in North America they still receive a good amount of action in Europe where the sport receives that much more attention. The sportsbooks also offer cycling prop bets, which offer head-to-head matchups for the different events from the Tour de France, Giro D’Italia, World Championships and other events.

Cycling Betting Events

The majority of sportsbooks offer odds for the majority of events including the major championships every year. The Tour de France is the pinnacle of the cycling calendar and there is betting markets available for every single stage of it in addition to the tournament as a whole. The Giro d’Italia is another popular event with multiple stages, which is held primarily in Italy but also moves through neighboring countries on occasion. The series is one of the main Grand Tours and the first to be held each season. The World Cycling Championships are also held on an annual basis and occurs in a number of different formats. These events are clearly the most popular on the cycling calendar but there are also smaller professional road races and tours that are tracked as well.


There is no sense in betting on cycling unless you are willing to do your necessary research but those that are willing to put in the time can make a significant profit in the process. It is important to do the necessary research to break down the fields with plenty of information available online both in terms of the individual riders and the stages of the events that they take part in. Researching the different stages is extremely important with the riders, team approaches and weather all factoring in to the mix. Cycling markets aren’t as popular as the major sports around the world but those willing to put in the time can make a substantial profit betting on the sport.

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