Sports Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Props: How Head-To-Head Matchups Work

There are countless different ways to bet on sports. One of the most interesting types of bets is the head-to-head sports bet. This type of bet has become more popular over the years. While some casual fans might have tried this type of betting system before it is easy to understand and might be fun to try out. Here is a look at how the head-to-head sports betting system works.

Head-To-Head Sports Betting

In the head-to-head sports bet, the comparison is exclusively drawn between two competitors. The performance of all other competition is irrelevant. For example, if there is a NASCAR race with more than 40 drivers in the field, the head-to-head sports bet would narrow the focus to two drivers in the field. All that would matter in this scenario is which of those two drivers produces the better result. Whatever the other drivers do would be irrelevant in terms of head-to-head sports betting.

Best Sports For Head-To-Head Sports Betting

Head-to-head bets aren’t suitable for all sports. The most common sports for head-to-head betting are individual but racing sports are also common. Formula 1, Moto GP, NASCAR and Indy racing all offer the perfect platform for head-to-head sports betting. Golf is another sport where head-to-head betting is becoming a lot more popular. The fact that the fields for these events are so large is the most obvious reason why sports betting fans would prefer to make a bet on a head-to-head matchup over simply picking an outright winner. Picking an outright winner gives you 40/1 odds or worse in some cases. Picking a winner in the head-to-head sports betting matchup narrows those odds to 2/1.

Examples Of Head-To-Head Betting

There are many different types of head-to-head bets. In one-on-one sports like tennis they are actually quite simple. If Roger Federer is playing Roger Nadal one-on-one then you simply pick who you think will win. Head-to-head betting in tennis is much more popular in a sport like tennis than in other sports. However, that trend is changing with more people showing interest in picking winners in head-to-head betting matchups for golf and auto racing. For example, if Brad Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson are racing as part of a NASCAR field, you can simply bet them against one another rather than picking one to win the race outright. While it might seem complex at first, it actually makes the sports betting process a lot simpler since we are able to key in on a specific matchup and follow it.


There are plenty of reasons why head-to-head sports betting matchups have become so much more popular over the years. Picking a winner in a NASCAR race with more than 40 entries is extremely difficult and it can be even tougher in golf with even more participants. By narrowing down the field to two specific entries in a head-to-head matchup we can really narrow our focus and improve our odds of picking winners. Head-to-head sports betting can be an excellent option for those interested in betting on auto racing, golf and other sports with larger fields. It’s simple enough to understand, so maybe it’s time to give it a shot and see if you can make some serious money.

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