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Sports Betting Strategy: Teaser Betting 101

It’s nearly impossible to find a +EV bet in Las Vegas as far as teasers are concerned. Once upon a time the teaser bet was an outstanding way to make some serious cash but books on how to attack the teaser bet with smart strategy inspired the sportsbooks to smarten up and things have certainly changed dramatically over the last decade or so. Teaser bets can still be profitable but it takes the time, strategy and patience to pick your spots in order to win on a consistent basis. Here is a look at what a teaser bet is and the smart strategy behind using it to make a profit.

What Is A Teaser Bet?

A teaser bet is a parlay bet that uses modified point spreads. Just like with a parlay, every individual pick on the teaser bet must be a winner in order for the teaser to pay out. The tease applies a modification to the lines in order to shift them in a specific direction. For example, if the New England Patriots are listed at -7.5, then adding a five-point tease would move them to -2.5. The payouts on teaser bets aren’t nearly as good as on parlay bets but that is because you are paying a little bit extra juice in order to get the better lines.

Standard Teaser Odds

The teaser odds can vary from site to site with the majority of sites offering 5, 6 and 7-point teasers. Some sites will even offer 13-point teasers at a very high price. The more points that you are getting the easier it should be to win but players have to be smart when it comes to managing their money. There really is no excuse for not hitting when receiving 13 points on a teased line but you are also risking that much more money when you select a 13-point teaser so you have to be careful not to lose big. The 5, 6 and 7-point teasers don’t cost as much but they can be very effective when used the right way.

Rules For Pushes

The majority of sites consider a push as a non-factor in the outcome of teasers, as they simply reduce it from the ticket. For example, if a three-team teaser bet includes two wins and a push then it is usually just reduced to a two-team teaser bet with the two wins. However, if it is a win, a loss and a push then the loss means the teaser bet is considered a loss regardless of the push.


There are many different strategies available online when it comes to betting teasers but the most important thing to remember is to take care with the amount of money you are risking and be smart when it comes to picking lines. For example, a 5-point teaser doesn’t make nearly as much sense on a team that is listed as a pick’em than it does with a team listed at +2 because +7 looks a lot better than +5 in terms of the key numbers. The smart player will find the best possible lines and use key numbers to identify where they should add points. The teaser bet is a very effective way to add to potential winnings and increase the chances of victory so make sure you incorporate it in to your sports betting arsenal as an excellent way to boost you bankroll.

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