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Sweetheart Teaser Basics

The sweetheart teaser isn’t the most popular option among casual sports betting fans but it is something that has generated some interest over the years from the more advanced handicappers. The sweetheart teaser is often referred to as a special teaser, a monster teaser or event a super teaser. The sweetheart teaser is a teaser bet in which the bookmaker gives additional points as the number of teams teased increases. Here is a look at what you need to know about sweetheart teasers.

What Is A Sweetheart Teaser?

A sweetheart teaser is a bet where a player receives additional points on a spread in exchange for betting a certain amount of teams with a greater amount of money risked. A three-team, 10-point teaser is offered at -110 or a four-team, 13-point teaser offered at -120 are two examples of a sweetheart teaser. The point of this type of wager is to take more points in exchange for adding more teams to the equation and risking more money on the wager.

The Value In Sweetheart Teasers

The key to finding value in sweetheart teasers is to make bets that will win more often than each team’s required breakeven percentage. Here is a breakdown of the values when it comes to sweetheart teasers:

3-Team, 10-point teasers offered at -110 – Each selection must win 80.6% of the time
4-Team, 13-point teasers offered at -120 – Each selection must win 85.9% of the time
6-Team, 21-point teasers offered at -350 – Each selection must win 95.9% of the time

As the numbers above indicate, if you are going to make a sweetheart teaser then you absolutely have to make sure you hit on them. The 21-point teaser in particular requires a 95.9% win rate in order to break even. On the flip side, the fact that you are getting 21 points on those sweetheart teasers should mean covering more often than not. If you can’t pick winners getting 21 points on the spread then you probably shouldn’t be betting on sports altogether.

Basic Sweetheart Teaser Strategy

The most profitable subsets for sweetheart teasers are those that follow the basic strategy. The fact that 38.1% of NFL games finish within a 3-7 point margin of victory means that a teaser that covers those two numbers should be the most value. It’s also important to remember that because zero has no value and moving from +1 to -1 burns two teaser points, basic strategy indicates it never makes sense to cross the number zero. These basic criteria might seem simple on the surface but by applying these basic rules to your strategy with sweetheart teasers you can significantly improve your chances of winning.


Sweetheart teasers might not be for everyone but those that can follow the guidelines and make sure they are consistently getting the best value will ultimately win more than they lose. The sweetheart teaser is a unique way to build up your bankroll slowly but consistently so it is definitely something you might want to consider for the NFL season.


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