Sports Betting Strategy

The 5 Easiest Ways To Lose In Sports Betting

The majority of sports betting lessons talk about what you should be doing in order to make a profit. However, the reality is that it is just as important to focus on what you should not be doing. Successful sports betting is as much about avoiding the unnecessary pitfalls as it is about picking winners and the smart sports bettor is always prepared. Here is a look at the five easiest ways to lose in sports betting.

Not Watching Enough Games

Some sports bettors will argue that successful betting is all about analyzing statistics and trends. However, the reality is that if you aren’t watching enough games then you probably don’t realize how those stats and trends came to be. The key to successful sports betting is to watch as many games as possible. If you don’t watch enough NHL games and you’re doing NHL betting, it’s hard to be able to predict what will happen next.

Trusting The Experts

The majority of casual sports bettors will trust the so-called experts and by that we mean the analysts that they put on television. While the professional handicappers spend hours breaking down each game the television analysts don’t have anything at stake and they really don’t care if they provide you with a winner or loser. While it makes sense to consider their opinion remember that it never makes sense to blindly trust the experts when it comes to risking your money.

Misunderstanding Impact Of Injuries

Injuries can have a major impact on team performance in extreme cases such as when a superstar player or a key performer like a quarterback in football is injured. However, the reality is that the majority of injuries are overstated when it comes to predicting outcomes in games. For example, if the Atlanta Falcons were to lose quarterback Matt Ryan to an injury then there is a good chance they will struggle to win since their entire offense and the strength of their team is based around his MVP ability. However, if the Falcons right guard is injured then it won’t have nearly as big of an impact as if their quarterback is hurt. It’s important to understand injuries and to what degree each one will impact the game.

Focusing Too Heavily On Defense

While the old saying is that defense wins championships in sports, the reality is that quality offenses tend to win more than they lose most of the time. This is particularly true in football, basketball and baseball and often in the case of hockey as well. Make sure you focus on the offenses when it comes to picking winners and losers.

Picking Favorites All The Time

The final mistake that the casual sports bettor will make is expecting to win money by betting solely on the favorites. While you might pick more winners than losers when betting on favorites, you aren’t necessarily going to build up your bankroll the way you might think since you are always risking inordinate amounts in an effort to win. The key is to find value with every wager you make and understand that sometimes the best bet is the one that pays a little more for a little less in terms of overall risk amount.

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