Sports Betting Strategy

The Anatomy Of A Gambling Mind

One of the most intriguing aspects in the world of sports betting is the difference between winning and losing betting minds. Joseph Buchdahl decided to explore the betting mind in his book titled, “Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks” and the information he managed to put together is pretty impressive. Here is a look at his findings in terms of the anatomy of a gambling mind.

The Basics

The probability theory was born in the 16th century and it was around this time that humans started calculating probabilities based on mathematical equations. Gambling began around 40,000 years ago and as it turns out betting has a lot more to do with the functions of the brain than most people understand. As it turns out, most gamblers are playing to play rather than playing to win as the gambling-induced dopamine in the brain is particularly effective when it comes to preventing the human mind from becoming bored. Successful sports betting requires picking winners but there is a lot more that goes in to it than the casual bettor might realize.

The Anatomy Of The Mind

There are obvious side effects to winning and losing and the impact that it has on the mind. The betting industry is a multi-billion dollar business and it is the millions of people that wager that drive it. There are plenty of questions that Buchdahl asks when it comes to evaluating winners and losers and how they think. Is betting about predicting winners or about predicting winners better than anybody else? What do profitable bettors and compound interest have in common? Buchdahl’s book explores the impact that betting has on the mind not only in terms of the approach but in terms of the feeling afterwards. There are plenty of professional gamblers that have talked openly about their problems with gambling including Buchdahl, who highlights in his book the personal problems he had along the way.


Whether it’s investing a small amount of money or wagering a lot of money, it’s important to understand why you want to gamble. There are some that feel certain people have a predisposition towards losing and therefore end up losing a ton of money betting on sports without really feeling the negative impact that it should provide. On the other hand, there are those that can’t stand losing and that helps drive their winning mentality to the point where losing is simply unacceptable. There are tons of books out there that offer sports betting tips and potential trends that you can follow in order to help you make a profit but it’s a good idea to understand how the brain works even before you gamble. Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks is the perfect book for those that want to seriously use sports betting in order to try to make a substantial profit as it outlines how the gambling brain works and the potential problems that every sports betting fan should be aware of before they begin.

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