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The Best Christmas Presents For Sports Bettors

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and with college football bowl games, NHL, NBA and the final stretch of the NFL season underway it’s important to remember that the holidays are a time for more than just celebrations of sporting events. With December 25th approaching fast, now is the time to hit the stores and find the best gifts out there for your fellow sports betting fans. Here is a look at the best Christmas presents for sports bettors.


Books are an excellent gift for any handicapper, especially if they can help them gain an edge in their approach to sports betting. There aren’t many fictional books about betting on sports but there are plenty of non-fictional books in the sports sections that would likely be a great gift. Whether it’s Smart Money by Michael Konik or Gaming The Game by Sean Patrick Griffin, there are plenty of books available that you might want to consider buying for the sports betting fans closest to you this Christmas. The magazine route can also be an option as most popular bookstores have their own sports section in the area where they keep their magazines.


One of the most intriguing gifts that you can buy the sports betting handicapper for Christmas is a handicapping software program as the Stat Attack. Unlike many other programs that will spit out predictions, the Stat Attack programs let bettors look to see how a team or teams have done in certain situations in the past and decide for themselves if history is going to repeat itself. It isn’t difficult to find the Stat Attack software online and it isn’t that expensive either. Stat Attack might be the best idea in terms of computer software available for the sports betting enthusiast but it isn’t the only software available so don’t be afraid to do some research in an effort to find the best pick for the Christmas season.

Sports Television Packages

Another gift that the sports betting fan will definitely love is one of the sports packages that are available on satellite and cable. While some distributors offer one big package, the majority of distributors provide their subscribers with packages based on individual sports so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase a package based on their favorite sport whether it’s NFL, NBA, NHL or even an MLB package for the following summer.

Event Tickets

One final gift to consider is tickets to an event in your area, which is always a popular gift around this time of the year. It’s that much more entertaining to take in a live sporting event when you actually have tickets to that event so that might be a good idea when searching for the perfect Christmas gift. Holiday shopping can be a chore but with so many sites selling tickets online it is that much easier to find the perfect date or matchup and buy tickets for that person to watch their favorite team in action.

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