Sports Betting Strategy

The Best Live Betting Tips

Before the proliferation of the Internet, all bets ceased on a particular game once it has started. However, with live second-by-second odds being offered during the course of a game, live betting has exploded. Nowadays, technology has increased exponentially, and sportsbooks have been quick to jump on the live betting phenomenon. Simply put, live betting is the ability to bet on sports events during real time. This allows sports bettors to continue placing as many bets as they want even after the start of a game. Live betting not only boosts the experience of watching and betting on sports, but also benefits sports bettors with the greatest understanding of the game. In this article, we’ll take a look at some live betting tips to help you succeed.

1. Prepare: Do Your Homework

Compared to pre-game betting, live betting happens on a much faster scale and as a result, everything takes place much faster, with a large number of factors to analyze. Although live betting involves placing a bet during the course of a game, preparation actually tends to take place well before the start of a game. Successful sports bettors go through numerous possible different scenarios that can unfold during the course of a game and have bets in mind that they’d like to make depending on which direction the game ends up unfolding. They’ve already prepared themselves for a lot of the possible scenarios and are simply watching the game and the live odds in anticipation of taking advantage and pounding on favorable lines.

2. Understand Momentum

In any type of sport, momentum is a keyword that tends to get tossed around a lot. For example, a team that has been losing for the entire game but somehow turns it around and takes back the lead has all the momentum on their side – they feel like the game is there for the taking after staging an epic comeback while the team currently on the losing end is shuffling and wondering how this came about. With live betting, momentum takes place on a much faster scale – the best sports bettors use this to their advantage with hopes of spotting less obvious indicators of momentum swings and take advantage of this before the momentum actually shifts towards their team’s favor.

3. Be On The Lookout For Special Bets

Before the start of any game, it’s commonplace to wager on the outcome, the score, and the players who might score. However, with live betting, there are an abundance of additional factors that can be predicted and wagered on. If you understand the dynamics of other factors that sportsbooks will try to account for and provide odds to bet on, you’ll be in prime position to take advantage of these special bets as it’s also tough for sportsbooks to maintain the adjustments of lines and odds during the course of a game. What may come across as difficult for you will often be difficult for the sportsbooks as well – you just have to be better at them.

4. Back The Favorite When They’re Losing

A simple but effective strategy that’s been adopted by many sports bettors is to back the pre-game favored team when they’re losing during the game. Although this strategy may sound counterintuitive, this is where you can potentially make the biggest gains. For example, if a favored team is a -150 favorite pre-game, they may turn into +120 underdogs when they’re losing during the game. With lots of time to stage a comeback and knowing that the favored team is superior, the chances of the favored team coming back to win the game may be better than the live odds indicate.

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