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The Best Live Sports Betting Strategies

Here's how to improve your in-game betting.

There has been a tremendous boom in the number of players that partake in live sports betting over the last few years and there is every indication that trend will continue moving forward. Live sports betting has become a phenomenon in North America and that has peaked the interest of the casual sports bettors that want to get in on the action. Just like with every other type of sports betting, there are strategies and systems in place that can help bettors gain an edge when it comes to live sports betting. Here is a look at the best live sports betting strategies.

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The Basic Strategy

The sportsbooks can only do so much in order to keep the live sports betting lines updated on the perfect number. The majority of sites do an excellent job maintaining the lines for any given event but there are opportunities to exploit for those that are paying close enough attention. One of the best and most basic live sports betting strategies is to wager on the heavy favorite that trails a game but still has an excellent opportunity to win straight up. The sports betting fans that back the favorite may have to lay about -300 on the money line but those that wait and pay attention to the live betting could very well get the favorite at even money or better if they go behind early. It is very common for a sports betting favorite to fall behind early on and have its live betting odds adjusted dramatically either on the spread or on the money line and those that are paying attention will notice and take advantage.

Advanced Live Betting Strategy

One reason why live sports betting has become so effective is the fact that fans can catch a middle bet if they are paying close attention. For example, pretend the Pittsburgh Steelers are visiting the Baltimore Ravens in a game that you think will be very closely contested, which they usually tend to be. You select the Steelers at -2.5, meaning you only need them to win by a field goal in order to cover. Midway through the first quarter, Pittsburgh jumps out to a 10-0 lead and suddenly the live sports betting line has moved to Pittsburgh -10.5. If you are still confident that Baltimore will rebound and at least keep this game close, then you can bet the Ravens at +10.5. You now have the Steelers at -2.5 and the Ravens at +10.5, which means that you are guaranteed to win at least one wager with a very good chance that you win both if the final margin of victory is Pittsburgh by anywhere between 3 and 10. This is the type of advanced strategy that can lead to making some major sports betting profits while limiting the potential risks and it is one more reason why the sharps pay such close attention to the live betting numbers.


It certainly takes some time to get used to the pace of live sports betting and how to find the best available lines on a consistent basis. However, by investing the necessary effort you can significantly enhance your ability to make a substantial profit by betting on sports. Live betting has become that much more popular over the years and that trend will only continue to get stronger. Even the casual sports betting fan should consider live betting as a useful tool and get in on the action sooner rather than later.

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