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The Different Types Of World Cup Sports Bets

The World Cup of soccer is the most popular international sporting event in the world with hundreds of millions around the world tuning in to watch the competition every four years. The tournament is very straightforward and while the majority of the interest is from fans of teams, there is a strong following from the sports betting community that wagers on the event. If you want to become part of the latter group then you might want to follow some of the following tips that we have laid out for you. Here is a look at the different types of World Cup sports betting options.

Individual Game Wagers

The most popular type of World Cup bet is the individual game wagers, which is simply picking winners, predicting final scores or betting on handicap lines for the actual games. Those interested in betting on the World Cup have the ability to pick a straight up winner or draw, or they could experiment with the handicap market and pick winners according to adjusted lines with favorites giving up a half-goal or more while underdogs usually get a half-goal or more. Fans can also bet on the totals for games with individual odds posted for every match of the tournament.

Parlays & Multipliers

In addition to betting on the individual games, bettors could decide to bet parlays and accumulators, which is two or more individual selections as part of a single wager. In this scenario, you can combine your wagers for a bigger potential payout but you will also have to take a bigger risk since each bet will need to be right in order to win the wager. This type of betting can be a lot of fun in the group stage when you can bet on the bulk of games in every round in advance.

Outright Markets

There is also a ton of outright markets to bet on including everything from group stage winners, outright tournament winners and the Golden Boot winners. You can improve your odds of predicting group stage winners by putting in the necessary research and evaluating which teams are most likely to finish atop their group. Predicting the entire tournament can be a little more difficult, as is the case with predicting the Golden Boot award, which goes to the tournament’s leading scorer.

Prop Bets

The final type of World Cup wager is the prop bets, which are usually offered for both the entire tournament and the individual games. These types of bets can be anything from whether or not a player will score in a specific game to how many goals a superstar will score in the entire tournament. The prop bets can be a lot of fun but you also want to be careful with how much money you wagers on these types of bets. With so many different types of World Cup wagers available, it can clearly be a lot of fun to bet on the World Cup tournament when it rolls around once every four years.

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